Monday, June 27, 2011

No-Bake Cheese Cake

Ok so one of my favorite deserts ever is cheese cake! I didn't really grow up having it. It wasn't till Jell-O came out with the no-bake box mix that I really had a cheese cake, I won't lie I loved it. Then I had a baked one and they are good, but I was still stuck on that no-baked one. I liked the creaminess of it.

I had always assumed that you either had to have the Baked or the Jell-O one, but then...

While watching Master Chef...I think that was the show. It had Gordon Ramsey in it...

Anyways, the little southern girl that won it made a no-bake cheese cake from scratch and well that got me thinkin' I need to figure out how to make that. 

It was then I found out just how simple it is to make them. Once you try this recipe you will never go back to the box kind of no-bake again.

First I will say this recipe is my adaption from The Pioneer Woman's cheesecake and Martha Stewart's no-bake cheesecake.

Ok let's get started first we have to make the crust. This came from The Pioneer Woman's recipe, but I had to tweak it so I could fit it in a regular pie pan since I don't have a spring form pan...

What you need: Nilla Wafers, Pecan's, Butter, and Vanilla Extract

If you have a food processor this would be a lot easier, but if like me you don't and have to improvise here's what I do. Throw about 3/4 the box of Nilla Wafers and 1/4 Cup of Pecans into a gallon zip lock bag...

And then using the flat side of a meat pounder...

Smash the crap out of them. You could also use a rolling pin, but best case scenario would be you have a food processor and you just throw then in it push a button and you are done.

Now if you are having to do the zip lock bag way you will need to dump all the smashed up goodness into a bowl, but if you are using a food processor then you can just do the easy mixing in there.

Now add in 1 1/4 stick melted Butter and 1 tsp Vanilla

Now grab a spoon a mix it all together...

or if your one of those losers who has a food processor just push a button.

(Don't mind me, I'm just jealous, but soon I will have one...probably before stinker gets here. Anyone got recommendations on what to get?)

Now pour it into a 9 inch pie plate and either with your fingers or with the bottom of a glass smash it down...

I use my fingers cause I don't want to have to wash the glass.

No if you can find room, which I have a hard time doing, stick the pie plate into the freezer while you work on the filling. This allows the butter to firm back up so the crust will be more solid.

If you have a recipe for a gram cracker crust that you like better then go for it, but I love the mix of vanilla wafers and pecans...yummy!!!

Ok now it's time for the good stuff!!


What you need: 2 packages Cream Cheese, 1 Lemon, 1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk, and Vanilla Extract

Now with an electric mixer mix the cream cheese till smooth.

Then add the sweetened condense milk a little at a time. Mixing it in between each addition...

Until creamy and smooth.

Now add 1 tsp of vanilla extract and...

the juice from one lemon.

(Martha's recipe calls for more lemon, but I find if you add any more then your cheese cake won't set up as well)

Once again blend those until creamy.

Now simply spread the filling into the crust, cover and refrigerate for 2 -3 hours till firm.

Now just top with your favorite cheese cake topping of server plain.

Wa-la, your done. Easy right!?!?!

So I totally forgot to get a picture of the finished product, but it was good.

I hope ya'll make it and enjoy it!

No-Bake Cheesecake

Makes One 9-inch Cake


¾ box Nilla wafers
1 ¼ sticks butter
1 tsp vanilla
¼ cup pecans


2 8-ounce packages cream cheese, room temperature
1 14-ounce can (1 1/4 cups) sweetened condensed milk
1Juice from 1 Lemon
1 teaspoon vanilla extract



Put vanilla wafers and pecans in a large resealable plastic bag, and crush them with a rolling pin or meat pounder until very fine crumbs form. (Or place them in a food processor and pulse the mixer till they are chopped fine)

Pour crumbs into a medium bowl; melted butter and vanilla extract and stir until well combined.

Press the crumb mixture into a 9-inch pie plate or a spring form pan, spreading it 1 1/2 to 2 inches up the side; press flat. Chill crust in freezer at least 10 minutes


Using an electric mixer set at medium-high speed, beat the cream cheese in a large bowl until smooth. Beat in the condensed milk a little at a time, scraping the sides of the bowl as necessary. Beat in the lemon juice and vanilla.

Pour the filling into the crust; smooth the top with a rubber spatula. Cover and refrigerate until firm, 2 to 3 hours.

Hope ya'll Love it like I do!!!



  1. Looks good! I love cheesecake! I've been looking for some kind of festive lookin' cheesecake recipe to make for the 4th. I got a food processor for Christmas, and the brand was Wolfgang Puck. Do not get one of those! Piece of crap. The blades wouldn't chop anything, it would just push the food around the bowl. I never figured out what was going on. So I just went and got the only one I saw that they sold at Walmart, can't remember the brand, but it works great!

  2. I love these. We always top them with mixture of what fruit we have on hand.

    I love your directions.

  3. Cuisinart all the way! Yes they might be a little expensive, but mine works great!

  4. I'm totally making this! thanks for posting

  5. Yummy!!!! I love the motion picture of the blender.

  6. I love any kind of cheese cake and plan to make this for the 4th! Thanks!!!!!

  7. Oh yum, this looks so good and I love cheese cake. I am on a diet like 50% of the population ;-). I feel a huge cheat coming on.

  8. Thanks for that, Ill try it. I love cheesecake!
    I have a generic processor I got at a yard sale, works great and cheap!

  9. Quick question. I just made this today and it's not setting after 5 hours. What could the issue be?