Friday, January 27, 2012

All I Wanted was a Cup of Coffee

So I am not a one of those people that have to have a cup of coffee every morning. I really like coffee and but just make it every once in a while.

Well yesterday morning I decided I wanted to make some coffee. I had emptied the package the last time I had it, but I had since bought another package to replace it.  I had put it in my pantry for safe keeping...

Well I spent about 10 minutes looking through my pantry and still couldn't find it, but I don't know why...

It's not like my pantry was a mess or

Well by now I wanted a cup of coffee really bad, so I made up my mind to do what I had been putting off for a long time and clean and reorganize my pantry.

My little helper just sat and watched as the madness began.

And then when it was all said and done this is what we had. A nice clean pantry.

This shelf became...

This shelf and...

This madness turned into...

This! Life is good!!

Oh and by the way about 30 seconds into this I found my But I decided to continue with my cleaning and boy am I glad I did!!

So not only did I get a cup of coffee but I also got a clean pantry.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and if any of you are in Wichita at the Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers Conference look me up. Caleb, Chester and I are headed that way for the weekend.

Lots of Love,


Monday, January 23, 2012

Sale Day

So back at the beginning of the month Caleb and I sold the calve that we had weaned back in the fall.

Of course Chester went a long with us, cause he goes every where with us and so far has done really good.

Some friends of ours who had a little girl back in November was talking about taking all the "first" pictures. They said they had gotten her picture of her first time going to church...

Well I try to do the first pictures, but I didn't think about doing the first time we went to church...

but hey, give me a break he was only 5 days old when we got there,

But we did get the first time we rode in a tractor and the first time we went to the sale barn. I try.

These pictures aren't of our calves in the sale ring, but when our calves sold, Chester decided to to start fussing and I had to take care of him and try and get him to go back to sleep.

He liked looking around and watching all the calves come through.

We did fall asleep on daddy's lap for a little bit, while we were waiting for our calves to get in there.

This picture just cracked me up...

As you can see we have mastered the art of blowing spit

All in all we were very happy with how our calves sold and as always had a good time watching them sell.


Thursday, January 19, 2012


First off I have to warn you in these next few pictures you may see an extremely messy desk, but pay no attention to that. I'd like to say it's not normally that way, and it's usually clean, but that would be a lie. So to help with that problem we got a huge roll top desk that we can shut and hid all the mess when people come over.

For all of you out there who have messy desks, I know you understand...

and for those of you who don't, well I hate you...

OK, I don't hate you I really love you, I just hate your desk...

Or maybe it's I hate that Caleb and I can't keep a desk clean like that.

Now lets get back on topic here...the trouble I am gonna be telling you about is not the messy desk problem. It's...

It's the face that both of my boys are setting at the computer and looking at equipment on TractorHouse.

For those of you who don't know what TractorHouse is, well it's every farm wife's worst nightmare...

So that might be a little dramatic, but it's a site where farmers can look up used farm equipment that is for sale.

I'm pretty sure Caleb has an addition to it and I'm afraid that Chester is probably gonna have that same addition some day too.

"Excuse me Momma, but daddy and I are conducting important business here would you please take your camera and and leave us alone."

"I don't know what you are so worried about, you still have about two years before I figure out how to use this thing to look at tractors."'s already started the crazy addition to farming and farming things.

Oh heaven help

Actually I wouldn't have it any other way, but my checkbook may think other wise some days. :)

Hope everyone is doing great.



Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rescuing the Farmer

The weather so far this winter has been just wonderful. It has been in the 50's a lot of the time and we are just loving it! And so far we have seen less than an inch of snow. Since last winter was so harsh, I am hoping for many reasons for this one to be a little milder...

First being that because of the HOT dry temps we had this summer the pastures didn't fair so well and neither did the hay crop. Most of the ranchers in the lower plains states didn't have near as much grass to mow for hay this year and what they did have they probably had to start feeding a lot sooner cause their pastures all dried up. So a mild winter would really help the hay stretch a lot further!

Second I would like a mild winter cause well I really don't like winter. I am much more a warm weather person. This summer was crazy hot and I don't care for that but that was more because it was so dry too and killed all the crops, all the grass, and my garden. But I can't say the temps bothered me all that much. Since I was pregnant all summer I just stayed inside a lot.

Anyways I sure hope it stays mild...those negative and single digit temps are for the snow birds.

Well since it has been a so mild and dry the fields have had a chance to dry out and allow the farmers to get in and start doing some field work and getting things ready for spring planting season.

Caleb loves anything that involves driving a tractor. So as soon as it was dry enough he was getting everyone rounded up and going.

And earlier this week they along with many other farmers in the area were out there breaking open some ground and getting it ready for planting corn in April.

I know April seems like a long way off, but a lot could happen between now and then. the ground could freeze up and we could get a bunch of snow and then it might not dry back out till we were ready to plant, so we work ground when we can.

Since Caleb was working ground Chester and I were put on hay feeding duty. Which is fine be me. Cause we get out of the house for a bit and I get to go and see all our ladies, who love you...

As long as you bring them hay!

Well I was just finishing up feeding the last group when my phone rings...

What would we do without cell phones!

Well it was Caleb...

"Hey, where are you?"

Me - "I am just leaving the last pasture. Why?"

Caleb - "Can you go over to Pop's and get the log chain? I buried the tractor."

I proceeded to laugh like a good wife and then told him I would head over and get it and head that way.

Now you remember me saying "what would we do without cell phones." Well part of the reason this happened was because Caleb was on his phone and wasn't paying attention...


I will say in the 4 years I have been around this is the first time we have gotten a tractor stuck like this

Caleb had also called our hired man, Jeff, to come over in the 4-wheel drive tractor to pull him out.

When we get stuck, we don't mess around.

Before we started trying to pull the tractor out Caleb decided he needed to go get something else that would help with the pulling process...

But he didn't make it to far.

I will say Caleb's dad had some dirt work done in this area earlier in the year and had some trees buried and we are thinking that is part of the reason why it was easy to get stuck in specific areas.

Well Caleb then decided that what he thought he needed was not so important after all, so...

He walked back and they hooked everything up and started pulling the tractor out.

And then we were out!!

After pulling the tractor out Jeff came and pulled my truck out and we were on our way...

Well at least Jeff was, I didn't make it very far until I was stuck too.

And by stuck I mean I just sank! There was no way I was getting out of this one without a little help that's for sure!

So my knight in shinny armor...

Well actually farmer in brown Carrhart bibs and a dirty seed hat...

Came to my rescue and pulled me on out and then I was finally able to get out of that field and back onto solid ground.

Oh, Chester slept through the whole thing like a good little boy!

Lots of Love,