Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sunsets and Siloutes

 I know it's been forever since I have posted anything. Ya'll probably thought I dropped off the face of the earth, well there have been days when I wanted to just so I would have to deal with anything, but really that wouldn't have done any good.  Needless to say it's been a little busy. Pop, Caleb's grandpa, had heart surgery about a month ago and we have all been crazy busy taking care of all his farm work as well as figuring out what is the best thing for him when it comes to his recovery. 

On top of all that the weather hasn't really been our friend this spring when it comes to planting the corn. We are "normally" (whatever that means) planting around the beginning of April and here it is the end of May and we are trying our hardest to get it all in the ground.

Well we are in the field and going, and while I was delivering seed to Caleb this evening I made him pose for a few pictures.


If I could have had them on top a hill without the tree rows behind them, I think they would have been even better, but oh-well. They work for me. 

Hopefully I will be back a little more often. 

Love ya all!