Monday, June 30, 2014

My Sweet Husband

Well the guys finished with the wheat harvest on Saturday right before it let loose and rained 3 - 5 inches on all our crop ground. So since it was so soggy Caleb hung around this afternoon and worked on my dryer some cause it was making some noises. 

After putting both the kiddos down for their naps. I head out to pick some green beans....

By some I mean a lot....

That bag is full too...
I will be busy for the next few days ;) 

Well when I'm about 3/4 the way done with my picking I come in to get a drink. That's when I discover that Chester has never fallen asleep and has since woken Iscel up...

That's when I quickly head back out to finish picking, cause I knew if I stayed in to long Caleb would sneak out and I wouldn't be able to finish picking.  

Well after I finish picking I come into this...

Daddy and Little Miss have passed out in the chair and Chester was asleep in his bed....

It was heaven...

That was until I jumped into the shower and woke him up....but it was nice while it lasted!!!

Now I must get to work on snapping some beans....


Friday, June 20, 2014

Wheat Harvest 2014

Oh where in the world has Janet been oh where, oh where could she be.....

It's been forever since I've been on here I know, but between....

2 kids, a farmer husband, Church, weddings, laundry, mowing the yard, gardening, keeping the guys fed....keeping my kiddos fed....and 5 million other things I am usually just barely making it. In fact right now I should be either folding laundry or cleaning the kitchen....oh well it will all be there later! ;)

As of right now on the farm we are staying busy with wheat harvest and soybean planting. 

Due to an extremely dry spring our wheat isn't anything special. Most of our fields have been averaging 30-39.5 bushels/acre (Our best field topped out at 39.5....we were hoping for 40 but just couldn't make it there :/ ) 

While the combines are going in combining wheat Caleb is at work trying to get all the double crop soybeans planted while we still have good moisture. Soil moisture is huge around here when planting double crop soybeans. Getting a good strong bean plant up and going makes a huge difference cause when it gets dry.....and it will get's nice to have a nice strong plant that will handle it a little better.

We've had few issues with the combine this time around, but they are stemming from lots of green weeds due to late rains and a thin wheat stand. 

Little man has a blast whenever we are at the field.


Little Miss is now on the go and getting into everything she can get to or whatever big brother brings her!

Man she's growing way too fast!!!


Even with some of the setbacks we have had we are still plugging along here in Southeast Kansas and are over halfway done with this years wheat harvest! 


Sunday, February 9, 2014

She's Here!!!!

She's Here!!!

That's right we had a little girl. On November 22nd we welcomed Iscel (ice-l) LaMay into this world. She was 8 lbs 15 oz and 21 inches long. Compared to Chester she was a light weight (for those who don't know or remember he was a 10 pounder).  And she came way faster than her brother. I was in labor with him for about 18 hours and her only 5. When I got to the hospital they almost sent me home cause I hadn't progressed any...

3 1/2 hours later she was here.

The doctor just barely got there in time. He got there, checked me, and said let's push. It was a lot faster than Chester.

So what's the deal with the name...

I'm sure all of you were asking this.....

Well Iscel was my Grandma's name. Grandma always went by her middle name, Nell, and Iscel was her first name and Caleb and I both really liked the name. (Grandma actually spelled her name Icel, but Caleb liked the way it looked with the "s" in it.

LaMay was the last name of a neighbor we took care of when I was young. She didn't have any kids or grand kids and treated me and my siblings like we were her grand kids.

Like my sister said we don't have to worry about there being another kid with her name. ;)

It's been 2 1/2 months since she was born, so here are a few of the pics from this time...

These were some of her newborn pics. I had more to show you, but I can't get them uploaded onto my ipad right now and we aren't home to use the computer.

Chester loves his little sister and insists on getting his picture taken too!

Other breaking news....

I chopped my hair and I'm donating it to locks of love.....and boy am I glad it's gone.

Hopefully I will get a chance to update you all again soon with what going on.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Corn Harvest 2013 - It's Finally Over!

Most years corn harvest in this part of the country occurs in August to the beginning of least that's what I'm told, cause out of 6 corn harvest that I have been here for that has only occurred one time. But that's what I am told is "normal" for corn harvest.

Well since we had to plant corn in some fields 3 times and the planting dates spanned from early April all the way to June, harvest was also spread out for all the farmers around here, us included.  

We didn't actually have very much of the early April corn this year. Caleb and his dad thought it was best not to plant it then because at the time they were calling for cool wet temps right after we would have planted it. With the soils on our farms that's just asking for trouble and they knew they would have to re-plant so instead of wasting the time and money it would cost to put in the corn we waited to plant most of it till the weather looked better. The sad thing was the weather never really looked all that much better. We planted in May  and then got cool wet weather following that planting too and it wrecked a lot of our corn. 

So then June rolls around and we are still trying to plant corn. We have fields that have 1/2 stands and so we  trying to decide on weather to plant corn back in these fields or if we should tear it all up and just plant soybeans.  

The problem with planting corn at this time is we are starting to run out of water. And by that I mean if we do get rain it's small pop-up showers, so you can't really count on that for a source.  And all this June corn would be pollinating at the end of July to the beginning of August....a time of the year known for being extra dry.

After finding out we had taken out re-plant insurance on the corn this year I suggested that we re-plant corn, cause it was going to be cheaper to plant than the beans and there was no guarantee that the beans would produce either and Caleb had kinda been thinking the same thing.  So after doing a lot of praying and trusting that God would take care of it we put a lot of corn in the ground in the month of June.

Since it was a crazy busy Spring I knew that we wouldn't have time for a big vacation so I told Caleb all I wanted to do was go on a float trip / canoe trip. So early in the month of July picked a date in August to go. I invited some of our friends to go with us and there you have it we were going floating.  Well farmers Your Welcome....cause the original concern with this trip was that there wouldn't be any water and we would have to drag our boats...instead we got woken up at 6:30 in the morning by the staff telling us we need to evacuate our cabin because they were scared it might flood. No float trip for me :( On a side note, there were three couple that went and we had a blast!! We stayed up till 12:30-1:00 am and it wasn't cause of a sick

As crazy as it was planting in June, we trusted  and God provided. If we could go back and do it again we wouldh have planted all of it in the month of June cause it was so much better that all the rest of our corn....who knew!?!?

So here is about 4,622 pictures that I took (give or take a thousand) of this year's corn harvest.  Most of these are from the early harvest (end of September - beginning of October) cause after that Caleb was in the tractor drilling wheat, so we spent more time in the wheat field taking pictures.

I don't know why, but these kinds of pictures are always my favorite.

That was before this guy came along and now he makes every picture so much better! 

Also he insisted on riding the combine every time we were at the field. If he wasn't able to there would be a major meltdown occurring.

He may look like his momma, but he is so much like his daddy....when concentrating we have to stick out our tongue, good grief.....and we are totally obsessed with everything farming. There could be worse things.

At this point in time this is probably my favorite picture of all cause it has my two favorite men in it!

If you are standing in the right place you don't have to worry about getting nailed by this stuff. The problem comes when you leave the windows down on your truck and it is down wind from this. Oops!

Like I said concentrating = tongue out of mouth.

This is about all you see of me when we are in the field cause this is the only way I get a picture taken of me. I think I was about 7 months here.  

The Big Red Barn was by one of our corn fields and well it just looked so pretty this evening!


Every now and then we would have an "accident" and corn would get spilled on the the ground, but it sure is fun to play in when your a kid.

As an adult it stinks, cause you have to shovel all of up and get it back in the truck....I'm glad I was pregnant this year and didn't have to do this!

We were so thankful to finally get the last 30 acres of corn out last week and have been going strong trying to get the beans out and replanting a lot of our wheat. 

I still haven't popped yet. This was me last weekend at 39 weeks. My official due date is the 22nd, this Friday, and I am good with anytime after today, cause it's suppose to rain tonight and the guys are trying to get a few more things done before it does....and I would rather not have my husband trying to run away from the hospital to go to the field.