My Camera

I often get questions about my camera, so I thought I would share with you guys what I have and how I use it.
So let’s start with the camera. Back in June of 2009, I did some math and figured out it was costing me $10+ to develop a roll of film and in the end I would have 24 pictures that I wasn't sure were gonna be any good. I started doing some looking and found an EOS camera (or a camera with a removable lens) that was in my price range. Next I had to get the ok from Caleb. I told him this is what I would like for Christmas / Birthday, and he said go for it so after a while of looking for that great deal on eBay I finally ended up with my camera a Canon Digital Rebel XT. My Christmas present arrived just after the 4th of July and since then I have easily over 5,000 pictures. 

This is what my camera looked like when I first got it.  

It came with an 18-55mm lens on it. It's a good little lens and it took some wonderful pictures for me, but I was wanting something a little bigger and better so I had decided I would use whatever money I got for my Birthday and Christmas to get me a new lens, or at least go towards getting a new lens. 

Then at Christmas, Caleb surprised me with telling me he would pay for whatever the balance of the lens I was wanting to buy and that would b an addition to the Christmas present I had been using since July. So I did some looking and finally decided on getting a Canon EFS 17-85mm lens with image stabilization. It is a great lens for general photography.

Here's my camera with my new lens on it.  I'm pretty sure the lens weighs about as much as the camera does.  This lens has stayed on my camera since I got it and the only time it has been off my camera is when I took the pictures for this.

As you can see there is a slight difference in the size of the two lenses (New on right, Old on left). 

The Settings

Green Box - This is the Fully Automatic setting. Everything is already programmed and the flash pops up when it thinks it is needed. I used this some when I first got the camera, but now I never really use it.

P = Program - I shoot quite a bit in this setting. You can pick and choose whether or not to use the flash in this setting. This setting is very similar to the Fully Auto setting, but you have the ability to change the settings. This setting also allows me to switch to Black and White and Sepia.

Tv = Time Value or Shutter Speed

A Slow Shutter Speed (low number) was used for the picture on the Left.

A Fast Shutter Speed (high number) was used for the picture on the Right

When keeping the shutter opened for a longer amount of time you will often have to hold extremely still or you will a crazy blurry picture.

In this setting you can change the shutter speed using the little dial next to the shutter button. 

Av = Aperture Value - this determines the amount of light you let in.

There's a lot that goes into this but in short.... 

Left - Too much light entering the camera means you will have a photo that is overexposed or Blown out

Right - Too little light entering the camera means you will have a picture that is underexposed or too dark.

The Aperture Value is changed by using the same dial next to the shutter button. 

M = Manual - With Manual Exposure you can change both the Shutter Speed and Aperture Value.

The shutter speed is changed by using the dial next to the shutter button.

The aperture value is changed by holding the 'Av' button down and then turn the dial next to the shutter button.

A-DEP =  Automatic Depth of Field - I haven't really used this setting much yet, but when I do start using it I will tell you what it's all about.

On my lens there is a switch that allows you to switch from AF (Auto Focus) to MF (Manual Focus) I don't take it off Auto much but every once in a while I can't get it to focus in on what I want so I will place it on Manual and focus it in my self.

The little lightning bolt button is what you push when you would like to use the flash in any of the setting I have just discussed except the Fully Auto setting.

So here's my camera and a little bit of how I use it. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them.