Friday, June 20, 2014

Wheat Harvest 2014

Oh where in the world has Janet been oh where, oh where could she be.....

It's been forever since I've been on here I know, but between....

2 kids, a farmer husband, Church, weddings, laundry, mowing the yard, gardening, keeping the guys fed....keeping my kiddos fed....and 5 million other things I am usually just barely making it. In fact right now I should be either folding laundry or cleaning the kitchen....oh well it will all be there later! ;)

As of right now on the farm we are staying busy with wheat harvest and soybean planting. 

Due to an extremely dry spring our wheat isn't anything special. Most of our fields have been averaging 30-39.5 bushels/acre (Our best field topped out at 39.5....we were hoping for 40 but just couldn't make it there :/ ) 

While the combines are going in combining wheat Caleb is at work trying to get all the double crop soybeans planted while we still have good moisture. Soil moisture is huge around here when planting double crop soybeans. Getting a good strong bean plant up and going makes a huge difference cause when it gets dry.....and it will get's nice to have a nice strong plant that will handle it a little better.

We've had few issues with the combine this time around, but they are stemming from lots of green weeds due to late rains and a thin wheat stand. 

Little man has a blast whenever we are at the field.


Little Miss is now on the go and getting into everything she can get to or whatever big brother brings her!

Man she's growing way too fast!!!


Even with some of the setbacks we have had we are still plugging along here in Southeast Kansas and are over halfway done with this years wheat harvest! 



  1. We didn't plant any wheat this year, thankfully. I'm not sure when we would've had time to harvest it! lol.

  2. Lovely kids! A big hug for them.

  3. We should be starting early next week, but we have been receiving rain....typical farmer...complains when it doesn't rain yet complains we can't get in the field. lol

    Oh my your kids are so darn cute!!!

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