Monday, October 3, 2011

Where Are you Baby?!?!?!

As of today we are 40 weeks along, but I am sad to say there is no sign of Baby Phillips....grrrr

I know it's been forever since I wrote last and I am sorry. I am also very sorry that I haven't been keeping up on reading everyone elses blog. 

I have had baby on the brain as well as different family events and Church responsibilities, so I would rather sit on the couch with some Oreos and Milk than at the desk working on the computer.

So I am SORRY!

Since today is my due date and well it doesn't look like I will be getting any pictures of Stinker today, I thought I would share with you our Maternity Pics.

I stole Caleb away from working ground one morning and made him take some pics with me.

On the Day these were taken I was 38 weeks and 4 days along.

Me, Caleb, my tripod and wireless remote went out to one of the farms where we have some of our cattle and went to town shooting pictures.

Fact: This farm is also the same farm where Caleb proposed to me 3 1/2 years ago.

I wished the cows would have stayed around a little longer, but oh well it was fun to have them there for a few pictures!

Caleb wasn't a fan of all the ones I chose. He said there were too many "smooching" pictures. Personally I like those pics, but also in all those pics I didn't think my face looked so poofy...

And since it's my camera, and I took the pictures and did the editing and it's my blog and I am the one that is pregnant, well I get the last say of which pictures I show to people!!! LOL

An of course, it wouldn't be us if there wasn't at least one silly picture.

I am hoping we will soon get to meet our little one and find out if it's a Girl or a Boy and then take oodles and oodles of pictures of him or her.

Any guesses on what we are gonna be having and what day he/she will be here??

Lots of Love,



  1. A little boy and he'll be born October 7th!

    My favorit is the one where you are laying on the ground in Caleb's lap and the pretty flowers. And of course the Silly one is great too!!!

  2. I LOVE EM! You did great for just a tripod and a wireless remote, girlfriend. And I'm a huge fan of smooching pictures, boys don't seem to mind doing the smooching until you show them to the world just how smoochy they are. HA! I hate to break it to ya, but everybody I know has been going waaaay past their due dates. Joy kill, huh? But, I hope, hope, hooooope your little Stinker gets here soon! I'm always wrong at guessing, but I'm going to say a boy, too. Even though 2011 seems to be the year of the girls. ;) Enjoy those cookies and milk!

  3. Come on baby Phillips!!!

    I love these pictures so much!

  4. Great Pics! They are all awesome!

  5. I love the pics, girl! I like the first one the best! Super good job! :)

    I think it's a girl... :) can't wait to find out!
    Prayers for a safe labor and delivery!

  6. love your pics! boy, october 9th!

  7. You look so beautiful! Great pictures- now go rest up for your Big Day, which is sure to be very soon!

  8. awe, you make such a cute little pregnant momma to be!

  9. I was going to guess a boy on Oct. 7th, but somebody already guessed that! These pictures are great! I didn't have time to take any maternity pictures, haha. You mentioned that Caleb proposed to you on the farm...Lance proposed to me on our farm too! Right in the middle of a cotton field!

  10. Great pictures - hopefully that stinker comes soon - You did a great job with the pictures -

  11. Hi! I hope you don't mind me stopping by to comment. I found your blogs thru "Eggs in My Pocket" (I love reading her blog!). My daugher is due Oct. 8th but she has been having inconsistent contractions since Saturday. She is so ready to have tht baby. Hang in there. That little one will be here soon.Wish you the best. Oh! I had to laugh at the rat problem. We had a packrat in our motor one year. It had built a nest of rocks and twigs and stuff. WAs really weird! Guess it got in there because of the warmth from the motor.,
    I love the pictures,
    Patty H.

  12. I'm going to guess boy since you are already late (that is usually our logic with baby calves!) Great maternity pictures and can't wait to see some baby pictures!

  13. Those pictures are GREAT!!! Good job. You look beautiful...I never looked that good... ;)

    I am so ready to get some family guys HATE it...too bad for them. ha ha

    I'm saying GIRL
    October 8th...
    Take care!!

  14. These are all great pictures, but I like the last one best! Congrats on your new baby boy! He is adorable! Good thing about them being 10 lbs at birth, they are not all wrinkled. Bad thing, is they are already half grown! Look forward to more postings and pics of the little guy!

  15. These are just GORGEOUS - like you and your new BOY!!!! Congratulations and rest up so you can savor every moment together, and take *more* pictures!!!