Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Let the Planting Begin!!

It's that time of year again it's Christmas...

Wait, it's not Christmas, it's spring time...

Crazy woman!

Oh, did I saw Christmas, what I really meant to say was corn planting time. The red tractor and green planter confused me with Christmas.

And to be honest I am pretty sure Caleb is more excited about about planting corn than he ever is about anything I ever get him for Christmas. I guess I should start buying him seed corn for a present...lol

Anyways, it's true we have started planting corn. Our ground finally got dry enough to plant last Saturday afternoon, so let the madness begin!

They were calling for rain possibly on Tuesday morning, so bright and early Monday morning we thought we had better get started.

So all hands on deck when we start going...

Even the smallest hands on the farm had to do their part...

But their part was to sleep in the car seat while momma worked some ground.

Caleb and I got up at around 5:15 yesterday morning and headed out to the field.  I fed and changed Stinker before leaving the house and then put him in his car seat and away we went. He fell strait back to sleep and slept till just before we got relieved from our position.

He thought riding in the tractor was pretty cool. After our hired man took over for use we went and crawled into the planter tractor with Caleb and rode with him for a while. Chester thought it was pretty cool, but didn't like the fact that he couldn't touch any of the buttons or the steering wheel (auto-steer isn't as cool to little kids as it is to us big kids).

When we start going it's all hands on deck and it go like crazy time. This field isn't all that big, but we got 3 tractors running in it at one time.

Tractor 1 is field cultivating...or he's tilling all the weeds under.

Tractor 2 is smoothing everything back out so we can have a nice seed bed to plant in.

Tractor 3 is Caleb and he is planting. He really doesn't like to share the planter with anyone. He's kind of a planter hog..lol

Here's little man and I when we were taking dinner (aka Lunch) to Caleb in the field.

If I look tired, well that's because I am! 5 am came early and I only got to have a little bit of coffee.

My job most of the day was to run around like a chicken with it's head cut off...aka be the gopher (or go-for) person.

One of the things I had to do was go to the John Deere dealership and pick up some parts. One of them was this little rubber strap that holds the seed box lid on. I'm pretty sure the guy helping me had never seen a planter, cause I had to show him in his picture what this was, and I need to get another part for the planter and he had no clue what I was talking about and even when I gave him the phone to talk to Caleb about the part it took awhile to get him lined out with what we were needing. Oh well at least we were able to get the parts we needed and get going. There was another lady there fetching parts for her husband and John Deere had it all messed up and their big planting tractor was down so they couldn't go, so it could have been much worse than a dumb service guy.

We were able to go all day and we made it over a lot of acres, which was GREAT!

We had the alarm set to get up and do it all again this morning, and at 4:50 am Chester wakes up and fusses a little, so I go in and put his pacifier in and that's when I hear some rain coming down. It wasn't enough to keep us from getting up to go so Caleb heads up and gets the planter ready to go and I stay and sleep another 30 minutes then I got up and got Chester ready to go and then it started to rain again and this time it was enough to keep us out of the field. So I took Chester back in and put him in back in bed. That's how it goes sometimes...lol

We really didn't get all that much rain so hopefully we will be able to go again here after while if we don't get anymore!



  1. Great pics! I just LOVE the ones of Chester in the tractors, he looks like he's having himself a grand time. Way to start 'em young!

  2. Good pics...that little guy is growing so fast! I love the pics of him in the tractor...all smiles! Such a cutie.

  3. Love it! Love that you are involved as well, and of course that Chester is getting to start out young! Great pictures!!

  4. He can't be getting so big. :( Love those pics of him in the tractor!! We won't be starting planting for a while yet. TNT got the planter out and cleaned it up on Sunday though. he's always so antsy!

    We received 0.78 points of rain this morning and it's been drizzling all day. Much needed moisture!!

  5. Love this post and all the photos are awesome! You should tell Caleb that I love the fact he's wearing a Sale Bros DeKalb/Asgrow hat!

  6. Farming...gotta love it!

    It does take the whole family and it's wonderful that you are instilling those values in your children so young.

    You go, girl!!!

    PS: To avoid the use of word verification, check no anonymous commenters and no word veri. Blogger is good about blocking spammers and it may encourage new followers...just saying.

  7. We don't do all the big farming like ya'll but we live in all that farm land here in the Brazos Bottom in TX. Our strip of land is a pecan orchard surrounded by either acres of corn or cotton. I'm mesmerized by the huge tractors.