Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Winner and Some Answers

Congratulations to LeAnna over at "Thoughts and Whatnots" she is the winner of the soap pump and Tumbler. If you haven't checked out her blog, then you should, cause it's wonderful!!! I will try and get those out to you sometime this week.

Also I thought I would take this time to answer some questions I have gotten about making these projects.

Straws - Where did the come from? Well I got mine one amazon. I don't get the chance to go and do much shopping and there really aren't that many stores around here in the middle of no where (I'm not complaining, cause I love living in the middle of no where!) So I googled them and had a really hard time finding them, but I did finally come up with some on amazon. I kinda thought you might be able to find some at Bed, Bath and Beyond or another store like that. One of my friends was gonna check out Target, but I haven't heard if she had any luck.

Grommets - once again I googled them and ended up finding them on Amazon. When searching I typed in "Rubber Grommet 3/8 BD or Bore Diameter (I can't remember which it typed)

Hope this answered some of your Questions. Thanks for Playing!



  1. Yay for LeAnna!

    Going to have to make these!

  2. Woohoooooooo! Thank you, thank you sweet friend! You don't need to send jars, I have plenty. ;) THANK YOU for the tips on the straws! Gonna head to Amazon and look for some.