Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Update's, List and Other Random Things

1. We are still in the Wheat field.

If all goes well we should be able to finish up with the wheat harvest this week!! How awesome would that be! We still have soybeans to plant behind the wheat but we are slowly making headway on that too. There have been years around here where some of the farmers talk about watching fireworks from the combine while cutting wheat, so getting it out this early is just great!!

2. My child is sleeping right now, but I'm sure he will wake up before I finish this post! More on him in a bit.

3. I currently have what's left of a dead possum in my yard thanks to my wonderful dogs. It's been there long enough that it no longer stinks. How sad is that! lol

4. My garden looks terrible this year. I was pulling weeds yesterday and oh my there are a lot of them. I also discovered while out there that I need to pick green beans...

As if I didn't already have enough to do this week.! :/

5. I have 2 mason jars full of dead flowers sitting on my table from before mothers day. I really should throw them out, but I keep finding better things to do.

6. I hear my child waking up, which means I don't have much time. :)

 7. I miss blogging. Over the past 6 to 8 months (really since Chester was born) I haven't blogged near as much as I use to. Partly because of him and partly because I took on another responsibility. I am now taking care of Children's Church at my Church and that consumes a lot of my brain time, but I soo love working with the kids. They are an absolute JOY!! and the helpers I have well they are just plain wonderful!

8. I <3 Mt. Dew! It's true, it's kinda my coffee!

9. I own 2 Kid Rock CD's (soon possibly 3) and 3 Nickelback CD's....For those of you that have known me since I was little that's probably a shocker, cause all I use to listen to was Country and well that's really mainly what I do listen to, but I but I do love me some good ol' rock music...But I don't listen to all the songs on their albums, cause there are some that are a little too nasty for me! My favorite music is hands down "Reddirt Country" or "Texas Country" what ever ya wanna call it. It's the best!!

10. I am a Missourian, born and bred. I Love everything about my home state, but after living in Kansas for almost 5 years now I would have to say that I am beginning to love it too. Now I will always be a Missourian, and it will always be my first Love, but I am gradually becoming a Kansan too and I really can't imagine living anywhere else. Hmm....never thought I would say that! lol

11. I quilt, and I love it!! Back in November I won a photo contest and with the prize money I bought myself a new sewing machine. I ha been using three different old machines that were either given to me or I got for a $1 at a garage sale, well I know why they didn't cost much cause they didn't work worth a hoot. So I finally was able to get me a new one and oh my was I glad I did!! It's amazing and I love it and use it every chance I get.

I made a quilt for my nephew who graduated high school this spring and I loved the way it turned out!

Here he is showing it off.

Now I only have 12 more to make to get all the nieces and nephews taken care of...I had better get hopping!

12. I currently have 2 totes full of baby clothes that need to be hauled out to the shed for storing. This kid is growing way too fast!

13.My child turned 8 months yesterday...

Yeah I know it's hard to believe it's been that long. He is now crawling all over the place (he does the army man crawl, cause he doesn't have time for the other crawling). We keep him pinned in the living room with laundry baskets full of clothes. If the clothes aren't in there then the baskets aren't heavy enough...

It's really not that hard to find the clothes I am doing laundry every other second.

14. We did a photo soot in the field where the wheat field meets up with the corn field. I took somewhere around 235 pictures and boy was it fun!

15.Chester can now pull himself up now and we do it all the time. He one very determined child and I am afraid we may be walking before long. Yikes!

I thought I had a picture of him standing, but I just have a video, and it's not on my computer...But this is him after he stood up. He was trying to get my phone, and once he had that he wanted my camera. lol

16. We did an impromptu family photo shoot the other day, because I really don't have any pics of all three of us. Caleb always tells me that there's no since paying someone to take our pictures since I have the camera and can do it...but he forgets that he has to make time for to take the pictures. So I put Chester in a cute outfit and got a clean shirt for Caleb and when I took him his dinner one day I made him stop for a few extra minutes to take a family picture. They may not be perfect, but this is how things are most days, so I wanted to get one in our "real life" setting.

17. I loved what Chester was wearing in this picture so much that I put him in that same outfit a few days later for his 8 month photos.

Well I guess that about does it for now. It has taken me half the morning to write this so I had better go put my little man down for a nap and go and fold some laundry and stuff some diapers.

If I get a chance I will post some more pics of Chester's Photo Shoot, cause they were really cute!!


  1. I love the pictures! Congrats on you winning a photo contest! What picture got the honors?

  2. Love the pics! You are so talented at quilting. I started following your blog when you were pregnant so it is so crazy to thing how fast the time has gone; you have an adorable little boy now! Really like the photo of him in the wheat and also in the corn. Cute!

  3. Adorable pictures, and an adorable little man. He's getting so big! I want you to teach me how to quilt!!! Hang on a second, let me hop in the car and I'll be there in a few hours. ;) Seriously, though. That quilt looks awesome!
    Sent you a tweet, but wanted to tell you again thanks for the box of goodies today! I loved everything, and can't wait to fix me an iced coffee in the morning in my fancy shmancy mason jar lid with a STRAW. WOOT! :)

  4. LOVE the pics~ I can't believe how much C has grown...8 months...What??? did Awesome!

  5. It always nice to have a new sewing machine. Your quilt is beautiful. 8 months old already? Where does the time go??? What a cutie! And the family picture is awesome! Studio photos these days are quite boring. Love the more natural pictures. Can't wait to see the imprompt photo shoot pictures.

  6. Your family is totally adorable! I love finding new ag blogs that are fun to read! Looking forward to seeing more of your posts!

  7. Great picture of the three of you. I love that it isn't all perfect-it's Life!