Friday, August 24, 2012

Taking a Brake

So I know it's been a while, but don't worry, I'm not taking a brake from blogging.....that's not what this post is about. So here's what it's about...

Do you ever have a day when you just wish you could get out/away and take a break from life and what is going on? If you are a mother then I know you do. lol

Well the other day I needed a break by the end of the day. Chester was terribly bad in any way, but he didn't take his afternoon nap and on that day I soo needed it. 

Well later that evening Caleb came home dragging the mower behind...

1st - We use Caleb's folks mower to mow our yard. It sucks having to drag (by drag I mean load on a trailer and haul it) down here and then drag it back, but the mower is awesome. Some day I hope to get Caleb talked into getting me my own, but summers like the past two don't really help my cause...2 months without mowing the yard...who needs a mower...

2nd - We really didn't need to mow the yard, cause it's still short and brown. We just needed to knock down the tall stuff along the road ditch where it caught all the run-off from the random rains we have gotten over the summer. As well as some weeds that we weren't able to get the last time we mowed back at the beginning of June....yeah, it's be well over 2 months since we last mowed our yard.

Anyways, back to what I was saying...

Caleb came home dragging the mower behind him and when he walked in the house I quickly said...

"I'll go mow if you will watch a cranky little boy!"

He happily replied "Sure, that would be fine."

I quickly change my shoes and grab my gloves and glasses and run outside before he changes his mind.  

I hop on the mower and go to town on the yard. 

Things to know....since I am just knocking down the high spots it is really dusty around here and the wind is blowing that means when you engage the mower then you get a nasty dust storm. I'm not sure how long I was out there....maybe an hour and it was wonderful. There is nothing like chopping the crap out of the grass for a good ol' stress release! Mowing the yard calms and relaxes me and gives me that much needed break from my little man. Even though he is a very good child everyone needs a break.

Well when I came back inside I'm pretty sure Caleb thought he had the better end of the deal cause this is what I looked like before I had a chance to shower...

Yeah, I was kind NASTY! But boy did I have fun getting there.

If I had know I would get this dirty , would I do it again?

In a word...

YES...cause I needed it! 

Nothing a little a lot of soap and water can't fix.

Mowing is one of my stress-releases, what are yours?



  1. Yes! I mow as often as I can! Everyone needs some alone time! Lol.

  2. Janet... so beautimous!! lol!! Honestly, I look like a dusty mess just coming in from my morning chores and walk these days. I always enjoy mowing... good thinking time too. Cute pics! -Tammy

  3. I have been the mower in our house all of our married life. Just clears the mind and helps the stress be a little less on those stressful days.

  4. I do love mowing the lawn, it's just so blasted hot here lately that I haven't had the chance. It's been about 3 weeks & the grass is about 6 inches. Hoping I can get it done tomorrow morning.

  5. I used to love getting on the mower and mowing the 2 acres we had. And if I turned my head
    "Just so" when I went by the back patio, I couldn't see the rugrats jumping up and down wanting my attention! LOL I still love mowing, just now it's a smaller yard and I'm pushing the mower instead of riding it.

  6. I used to mow our yard too. It was good to get outside and away for the time it took. I think all moms need a break every now and then. Glad you were able to get that time to yourself.