Monday, November 19, 2012

My New Favorite Thing - the Little Green Pouch

So about a month or so ago I was playin' on Pinterest...Yeah I'm on there and I love it....It's a great place for me to get creative ideas and to waste time. ;) But I have been inspired by alot of different things on there. If your on there and want to follow me you can click here...  

Ok, back to what I cam here to talk about. Someone had pinned a picture of these Little Green Pouches and boy was I excited!

You may have seen these little guys smiling at you while walking through the grocery store. They are full of apple/fruit sauce and they are awesome to feed a kid a snack or fruit with a meal when your on the go...and we are always on the go! The problem with these guys are they are super expensive.

So when I found these guys I got super excited and ordered some right away. 

So here's what they look like.  Just like the store bought ones, only these you can re-use. Chester eats table food all the time now so we don't really use these all that much anymore, but we do some. I wish I had found these when he was 8 months old cause I would have saved soo much money....

Oh well it went to a good cause, Chester's belly and my sanity!

On their website they talk about using them for all sorts of food, but I only use them for fruit. I also wouldn't start a baby on any of these type of things till they were eating solids from a spoon really well, cause I have heard of moms who just use these to feed their baby and then couldn't get them to eat from a spoon...

Talk about pulling your hair out.

As you can see they can see they are BPA and Phthalte free....

Not a huge deal to me, I mean it's good, but I don't freak out about all that stuff. The thing that really makes me happy is above that where it says Dishwasher they are speaking my language. But actually I don't put them in there all that much cause I usually wash them by hand using a bottle brush.

I use a lot of strawberries and raspberries and I never strain the seeds out....way too much they seem to stay stuck in there even when I put them through the dishwasher. So I just scrub them our with a bottle brush and stick them on the bottle drying rack and we are good to go. 

Like I said the website where you buy these at has all different recipes you can put in them, like full meals, but I stick to mixed fruit, it works best for me. 

You can use fresh fruit...which I use when I have some that will go to bad before it gets ate...but what I mainly do is go and buy a bag of the mix berries frozen fruit and let it thaw and then trow it into the food processor or blender whichever works fine and then I add some apple sauce to it.  I have homemade stuff apple sauce but if I didn't, I would go and buy some mots...probably with no sugar added...and add some of that to it.  I have tried it without the apple sauce and it just seemed to give it a better texture for using in these things. I also put in some canned crushed pineapple into it to make it taste that much better and to add some liquid to smooth it out.

I also have some frozen mango and frozen peaches that I will add to the mix. Really anything goes....what ever you can find.

Helpful Hint: If you get these take the lid off and blow into them. They come flat as a pancake. They say they can fit 6 ounces and I didn't do this and could barely get 2 ounce in them. I wasn't too happy....but then for some random reason I decided to blow into them to try and get them to pop open just a little more when I was filling it and boom....the bottom that was stuck so tight together came flying apart and I felt like a big dork. Live and learn. lol

As you can see Chester loves them and they work great when I am taking food to the field...which is half the year when I am doing I love them! And the fruit in them is so yummy Caleb and I have been known to use them a time or two as well...

Just don't tell Caleb there is blueberries and raspberries in them, he might stop eating them ;)

*oh I think that is goulash on his face, not fruit, he stays pretty clean when he eats from these.

So once again they are called Little Green Pouch and they are $14.99 for a 4-pack. That may seem a little high, but compared to a $1-1.50 a piece for the others, it wouldn't take long to get that back in savings! And these can hold up to 6 ounces where those were only around 3.5 ounces. 

Anyways, I just thought I would share these little wonders with you, cause I love them and think they are great!

Lots of Love,



  1. Very cool. I sent this post on to my cousin!


  2. Very cool. I sent this post on to my cousin!


  3. I totally need to buy some of these! My kids love those applesauce pouches. For a while I could find them at BigLots for .50 each, but haven't seen them in a while. This would be perfect!

  4. What a great thing!! I know moms that feed those pouches and they are super convenient but their one complains is that they are expensive. Glad you found these!