Monday, June 3, 2013

Up-Dates and Life Changes (Going Gluten Free)

First things first...

Chester is going to be a big brother!! Coming this November are little two bedroom house is gonna get a little smaller and boy are we excited.  As of today I am about 16 weeks along and feeling great. Thanks for all the prayers that were sent our way as we were trying to get pregnant again, God is good!

In related news Chester has since gotten a big boy hair cut and...

 he has turned into quite the ladies man...sunggled up close with one little girl while holding the hand of another...oh my!

Now for the big news that I have been putting off talking about for oh about 8 months....this new isn't bigger than being pregnant, but it is more life changing.

After a trip to see Caleb's sister last Thanksgiving in Denver we have decided to go gluten free. Yeah I know we grow this beautiful stuff...

 And we can no longer eat it. 

Why you are probably asking?

Well about a year and half ago Caleb's sister was diagnosed with Celias Disease . And celiacs is some thing that actually can run in familes. Well on the way to Denver after eating dinner (lunch) Caleb started feeling yucky and having a spell where he just felt like crap, (headache, nausious, feeling like he was really weak and going to pass out)  nothing fun feeling that's for sure. He had been having these symptoms for a long time now. They would just pop up every once in a while, but he wouldn't ever go to the Doctor about them...until he had an anxiety attack that was related to the symptoms, then he went to the Doc and all the Doc diagnosed was the anxiety attack and didn't look at the symptoms that caused it. That's really annoying!

*On a side note, I had to take over driving while he tried to sleep and I couldn't make a sound and there wasn't allowed to listen to the radio or stop for anything fun...Needless to say when he was feeling a little better I I kinda gave him a ear full about figuring out what is going on with him and going to the Doc till he got an answer, cause 4 hours of having to be silent and drive with no radio kinda pissed me off...I won't lie. My belief on sickness/illness/cronic pain is if you aren't going to go to the Doc and figure out what is wrong with you than suck it up and don't wine about it...I'm all sorts of compassionate aren't I. 

Any way when we got to his sister's house we did some talking with her about things and she was saying that the symptoms very much sound like some of the symptoms of celiacs. So long story short we did some shopping, bought some supplies, came home and cleaned out my pantry and I am now a label reading gluten free 

It's not just Caleb that has to be gluten free it is me too. I have been having digestive issues for a long time and nothing seemed to help with it. I had thought it was more problematic when I ate greasy foods so I just blamed it on the grease...but then it would happen when I ate a turkey sandwich and that got me all sorts of confused. My sister who has had some of the say digestive issues said her Doc though it could be gluten....which got me thinking about that, but I wasn't about to go gluten free all by myself cause that would mean no more pizza....but since we thought it would help Caleb I thought I would do it too.

But since being on it, we both have noticed a big difference and we feel soo much better!! 

Facts about going Gluten Free:
  • There is no such thing as good gluten free bread. It's all really dense and hard as a rock! 
  • If you don't have to go gluten free but do just for fun, just know that Caleb and I think you are crazy! ;)
  •  After making a dozen different Pizza dough's I finally found one that is eatable, but it's still not as good as gluten pizza
  • Gluten Free pasta isn't bad
  • The gluten free cakes and cookies I have made have all been really good...except I did make a store bought box of browines that weren't eatable, which was really sad!

This has been a huge lifestyle change for us and it means we aren't able to eat out as much or fix stuff near as fast to eat. We are now those people that are high maintenance at family dinners, but oh well we feel better and we are so thankful for that!

I tell you all of this because tomorrow I will be shareing a recipe for Cream of Mushroom soup and it's gluten free and I wanted all of you to know why. I am also sharing the regular gluten version too, for those who don't need the gluten free version.

Lots of Love and Good Bread,



  1. Congrats on your little one! I am due in Nov. too! When is your due date?

    1. I had been thinking that was the case for you after seeing some things you had been pinning on pintrest. I am soo happy for you guys, you will be great parents! I'm due on the 19th, when are you due?

  2. How exciting on your little one. I'll be thinking about you guys because I have no idea how I could ever be gluten free. I guess you just buckle down and do what is best for your body!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!So excited for ya'll!!
    Gluten seems to be everywhere now, glad to know that you have found the "source" of not feeling good and can fix it...that's HUGE! That would be a MAJOR life change in my household...I've stopped buying pop and you would think the moon fell! lol

  4. So excited for the new little one!!
    Wow, I think it gets more popular to be gluten free all the time. Not sure we could do it, but what's best for you is most important, and in y'all's situation, I bet we could make it work, too.

  5. Congratulations on the new little one!!! SO excited for you. I think it's awesome that you figured out what was causing the health issues and are making changes as a family. I'm dairy-free while nursing and that's TOUGH. And I agree, if you don't HAVE to be gluten/dairy free - why be? I don't understand that. I made a lot of desserts with almond flour while pregnant because they were low-carb, and that was tough enough.

    Are you finding out if baby is a boy/girl?! Your little man is growing like a weed!

  6. Congratulations on being preggers!

    And that's awesome that going gluten free has helped you guys to feel so much better...totally tough I'm sure, but worth it to feel better!

  7. Yay! Congrats on the little one. I have though about trying no gluten, because I have (what sounds like) the same issues as you. I also have pretty bad acne for being 31, and someone told me once to try cutting out gluten or dairy. Well since there is no way I am giving up cheese, I suppose I could try gluten.

    1. Thanks!! I have a friend who had bad acne as well and she has gone gluten free and it has helped her out tremendously. Good luck with it if you try it.

  8. Awe Chester's going to be a big brother!! Love that!!

  9. Congrats on the little one :)