Friday, August 30, 2013

A Couple of Months of Quick Up-Dates

So I know it's been a while since I have done any kind of post about the farm, our family, or what we have been doing, so here is a quick up-date of what all we have done since June.

 We spent a lot of time in the field this spring. The wheat did really well this year, which means we have some happy farmers...

that is as long as they think about wheat and not corn or beans. ;)

Caleb actually got to spend a lot of time in the combine this year since Pop was still out recovering from heart surgery and no one else really knew how to run the new machine.

Chester got to ride a lot and usually wasn't happy if we went to the field and he didn't ride. We would often spend a lot of time riding close to his nap time and some times he didn't make it through a ride without falling asleep.

We had lots of picnics while we were in the field. I was so very happy when we were finally done with field work and I didn't have to pack up everything and take it to the field, but it won't be long till I will be doing it again for corn a bean harvest.

We got to play with a few fireworks too.

Finally when everything calmed down we were able to make a trip to Northeast Missouri to visit my family and play with a few chickens.

WARNING: If you leave your sonic cup setting around at my folks house it is fair game for anyone to snatch it up and drink it, so be careful.

Chester got to spend a lot of time playing with his cousin...

He also got to take a late night bobcat ride with them and Grandma.

And nothing beats cuddling up with grandpa and watching some videos of tractor pulls. 

I helped the youngin's catch a snake. I was then told by my mother that it must was just a little garter snake....but I did what I was told and we took it up to the chickens to feed them. After they let us down and didn't attach it my niece there decided to stomp the crap out of it till it was dead....your welcome mom! 

We also go to do my favorite pass time and we played in the creek.  I use to spend hours upon hours in the creeks on my folks farm.

After all that we had one tired little boy.

We also got to spend one weekend celibrating the marriage of this wonderful couple. Wendy is my first cousin and we were the best of buds growing up. Fact: In high school Wendy and I could kick the butt of about anyone in 2-on-2 basketball! I am so very happy for her!!!

Actually my sister and I did all the photography at the was a long day! I got to do a lot of the bossing and staging of the groups.

Here was my partner in crime for the day. We sure did have a lot of fun working together on these pictures!

We also celebrated 66 years of marriage with these two. 

Chester loves Grandma and Pop....probably because every time he goes over there Grandma loads him up with chocolate. Not a bad deal if you ask me. ;)

And Me, well I have spent a lot of time here, at my sink putting up lots of produce....I think at this point I have put up over 70 quarts of produce and I hope I will still get a little more! 

Oh and I have an ever growing belly! :)  

Fact: at 20 weeks I had only gained 3 lbs and in the past 8 weeks I have gained another 14....I am on the same track that I was on with Chester, so we could be looking at another big I would probably help if I stayed away from cheetos, but really who wants to do that ;)

Well there ya go, that's what we've been up to. I am tired just from thinking about all that, so I'm gonna scoot.




  1. A nice summary of Summer! Great pics.. enjoyed seeing some familiar faces too :) Love the ones of your mom & the kiddos. I remember that bride too.. beautiful photos! -Tammy

  2. You are correct the summer has been busy ~ I am just catching up on "other" blogs - belated congrats on baby #2 - sure enjoyed your summer update, your little Chester is sure getting big! Enjoy all of the farm pictures too!

  3. Lovely pics, summer here was busy too, so yes there is a lot of catching up to do. Was great to read an update on your blog