Thursday, October 29, 2009

The last Field

So we finally made it through the last field of corn. It has been a long drawn out process this but we are so very glad we are done!
Sendin' all up to the bins....this goes a lot faster than takin' it all into town.

Around, and round and up it goes!

Here's the last field empty except for the last little bit at the other end that Pop is finishing up.
Harvested corn stalks are such a beautiful sight!!!

As you can see we really wanted to get the last of the corn out...After running up and down the dirt road and havin' mud holes like this to deal with there wasn't a clean spot left on any of the equipment we had at the field!!

Reasons why I'm glad we have 4-wheel drive!!!!!!!

Here's Calvin posing for the pic while unloadin' on the truck.....Caleb stole my camera from me and was the photo taker here.....

That's why we have the only picture of me from the entire harvest of me. I'm always the one behind the lens. This is my new favorite thing to drive....mainly just because it has an FM radio and AC and heat!

Headin' out to get the last little bit of corn!

Next stop...the beans.....who knows when we'll get those started!


  1. Yay!! Happy for y'all, and hope that bean harvest goes well. Maybe some of this mud will dry up this week. We can hope. Great pictures! -Tammy

  2. Congrats! We just picked our first cotton this afternoon! Only 1 1/2 months late! lol

  3. Great pictures! Thanks for showing us the process you go through for harvesting. Hopefully things will dry up for all of us very soon!

  4. hey thanks every one....I'm hopin' id dries up too, at least I'm gettin' caught up on all my house work!'s crazy how the crops all across the country are all soo late....mother nature is a crazy thing some times!!

  5. You are so lucky! We have our soybeans in, but our corn is a lost cause. It'll be another week before we can get to the field and who knows how long until we can actually pick.