Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

So I love flowers...we'll start with that. So yesterday while Caleb was waiting on me to come out to the truck, so we could head over to work (vaccinate) some cattle, he went and picked me a flower.

How sweet....


Yes, cause like I already said I love flowers and I don't get them very often, so when I do get them I love it even more. Especially when they are given spontaneously!

The funny thing about this whole thing is that was my only tulip, and it had bloomed over the weekend while I was gone so I really didn't get to admire it for very long, and we were heading over to the cattle lot, so there was no vase to put it in.

Oh and Caleb didn’t even notice that there weren’t any more flowers.

So instead of letting it die, cause like I said it was my only tulip, I put it the only thing I had..... water bottle.  It's ok I didn't need anything to drink, the flower is more important....




  1. I simply love that first picture!!

  2. How sweet! Can Caleb come to my house and teach my hubby that? I do have to give TNT credit, on our first annivesary he bought me a huge plant. He knows that a plant lasts longer so he buys that. But I would love to have TNT pick some flowers for me.

  3. That first picture is awesome Janet!!