Thursday, July 7, 2011

Updates and the 4th

1. I'm pretty sure I posted more in corn planting than I have been lately...

and I thought this was suppose to be the slow time of the year.

2. Speaking of corn, ours is drying up and dieing. We really need a rain right now. But you know even if we get one, I'm not sure that it will do that much good for the corn, but our beans and pastures would sure benefit!

3. Last week was Vacation Bible School at our church and boy was it fun!!! I was in charge of the games and loved it, the only problem was I couldn't play all the games like I wanted to cause of a certain thing in my belly. I'm hopping I will get to do games again next year, so then I can play with the kids more!

4. Speaking of the belly I also went to the Doctor last week, and I officially weigh more than Caleb

It was bound to happen. He only weighed 15 lbs more than me to start with. I think I should make him carry around some 10 lb weights to help me out.

5. Another Belly story -
First I must tell you that I inherited cankles from my Great-Grandma. Nobody really notices them, but that's because I wear jeans 99.9% of the time to hid them.

Fact - I can't wear ankle bracelets, or those cute sandals that have cuffs that go around the ankle as well as most knee high boots are way too tight and the calves....oh and skinny jeans, yeah right. Also my thighs are 2 inches bigger than Caleb's and my ankles are 1 inch bigger.

I tell you all this because the other day at the Doctor, I was wearing shorts and she looked at my ankles and mad the comment "I notice you are starting to have some swelling"
I then had to say "No, that's just what they normally look like."


6. In the middle of last week my fridge decided to give me fits.....grrr

7. Caleb and I went and looked for a new one in town, but couldn't find one so he got on-line and did some looking and found one he liked the rating on...we ordered it and well never ordered one without looking at it first. We got it on Tuesday and I hate it! Oh it works fine, but it said it was bigger than my old one and it's smaller...grrr

Needless to say I'm stuck with it and I'm not happy!!

Oh and to make things even better the delivery guys ripped our vinyl floor...yeah yesterday wasn't a good day!

8. On the 4th we got all dressed up and went into town to watch the fire works.

I am now 27 weeks along and my due date was 3 months from the 3rd....

I'm not even close to being

I was able to get a few good pics of the fireworks, but then my battery died and I was done :(

9. Lucky Update - She's still alive and doing ok. We are hoping she will pull through still.

10. Oh and I finally got a name for my last bull...We have Benny to already and the third one will be Leonard...after Leonard from the Big Bang Theory...I love that show....Thank You Julie for the idea!!

Well that's all I got for now




  1. I am so not ready either, haha! We do have the furniture and about half of the sewing done for the bed stuff, but other than that, I'm so not ready! haha.

  2. You guys are toooo cute! Love those two pictures!

  3. Good news and not so good news...we gotta love the variety.

    I hope the delivery guys are fixing that floor!

    You can see the love shining in your photos.

  4. You make such a cute pregnant lady :)

    And last year my camera battery died before I even got one photo at one of the shows we went too so I know your pain. That's a great photo though!

  5. Love the photos! And I just got my necklace in the mail. Thank-you!

  6. Love the pictures!! What a darling couple. Can't wait to see those family pictures, which won't be too far in the future ;) Sorry about your fridge - I say return it, exchange it, and have them fix your floor! -Tammy

  7. You are so cute!!! Love those pictures of you and Caleb.

  8. Sorry to hear about your corn...I have heard that it is so dry there....

    Great pictures. :)

    Stop over and say hi.