Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bulls will be Bulls

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And now to my Post....

So the beginning of May Caleb and I spent a lot of time looking for for a few replacement bulls for our cattle herd. Last year we ended up loosing 2 bulls, so we needed to replace them. We also decided to try and find a third young bull who will be the replacement for one of our bulls who is 8 years old and this will probably be his last breeding season :(

These are our three new boys

Bull # 1...

Bull # 2 here on the end...

And Bull #3 there on the right.

As for our other 5 bulls they have been hangin' out in a pasture together without any ladies.  Before they are allowed to go back out to pasture with the ladies we first take them to our vet and have them semen checked to make sure they have a good amount of "swimmers."

(I didn't get any pictures of this process cause well I really didn't think ya'll wanted to see that!)

Getting them in can be trying cause there is usually a few of them that think they need to strut their stuff and see who is the biggest and the best.

But eventually we get them separated and sorted off and loaded.

So something to know about me and my bulls is that I name each and every one of the guys, so let me introduce them to you...

First we have "Shot Stack." He is a three year old Gelbvieh / Angus Cross that we got last year.

Next is "George" who you have met before. George and Shot Stack came from the same farm and he is also a three year old Gelbvieh / Angus Cross that we got last year.

This here is Louie. He is the one that everyone else likes to gang up on. He is a 4 year old Angus bull.

Here we have Henry. He's a 3 year old and not really our favorite looking bull, but I am hoping that he will grow on us a little more as he gets older. I will say that Henry does throw some nice lookin' calves so that makes up for us not liking him as much.

And this is my boy Billy. He is my favorite and he is our 8 year old bull and this will be his last breeding season on our farm. He is also an Angus bull.

Things to know about Billy is...

He likes to eat and is very vocal about telling you that every time you see him...

Billy is also a "horn dog"...

The Pasture we had the bulls in was right across the road from all our heifers and a group of our cattle as well and the only time Billy got very far from them was to go and get a drink so...

Needless to say he was very happy to finally be put back out to pasture with his ladies!

When I dropped him off every one came up to see what was going on....

And Billy had to let him know that he was their man.

He had to sniff a little tail...

(it's a good thing he didn't try to rid this lady cause she's suppose to have a "bun in the oven")

Then one lady had something to tell Billy...

And this means...

That she was ready to make a baby and Billy was more than happy to help with....lol

Caleb thought I was crazy for getting these pics and sharing them with ya'll, but this part of life and how we get all those cute little baby calves and make our living.

Now I need your help, at the beginning I showed you our three new bulls who have yet to be named and I would love to hear some ideas from all ya'll on what to call our new Boys...

Give me your ideas...



  1. Tom, Dick and Harry...as in the old saying, Not just any Tom, Dick or Harry!

  2. Arty, Sam, and Finn -- from Glee!

  3. Nice looking fellas you've got, there! We had a full-blood angus, and he was our favorite bull. So sweet, and good tempered. Unfortunately he got a bit of the ol' wander lust this season and my parents don't have a set-up for bulls so we took him to the salebarn. Sad day. His name was Gimpy, because as a calf he broke his leg and someone gave him to us. He threw the prettiest calves, though and never let that leg bother him a bit!

    I think of the 3 men in the firey furnace (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego) but I'd call 'em by their Veggie Tale alter egos, Rack, Shack and Benny. ;)

  4. Hank, Cotton and Boomhauer. If you watch King of the Hill you'll know who those three are.

  5. Larry, Moe, and Curly, the 3 Stooges, lol.

  6. Love your fellas! Great pics. I never have a camera around when action is going on at our place!!

  7. Wish I could get my goats to do that. Maybe I should bring in the bucks and show them your post.

  8. Im from Upstate Ny and live in the
    city, so I find this all very interesting. Tell Caleb, its all good!!

  9. Ugh, I'm the worst at coming up with names. So I'm no help. We got two new horses last week, and they still don't have names!! LOL!

  10. The bulls look great. It is always exciting to wait and see what the calves will look like next year. p.s. I am re-following your blog because for some reason you're not showing up in my reader and I am missing out on lots of good stuff. Thanks for the congrats on my blog!

  11. You and my husband! He was taking pictures of Stubby breeding when we turned him out on the gals. He was shocked I didn't take any.

    I think one should be named Beau. I also thought of Titan when I looked at the picture.

  12. I have no ideys for names... but, nice bulls you've got there. We also run gelbvieh, and angus, but we run braunveih bulls too. Love gelbvieh alot!

  13. Thought of another trio of names...Winkin, Blinkin and Nod. I could do this all night...but I won't. Please let us know the new names.

  14. One should be Gideon...I am not good at boy names. Had 3 girls. How about Dave?

  15. Larry, Curly and Moe... Tom Dick and Harry is good too... You could go with movie star names... but that'd have to be your pick!

  16. Bar, Bee, Que. Really though, Hemi, Atlas, and......well can't think of a third.

  17. Oh LOL, we typically don't name any of our cattle, but how about Hoss, Hank and Joe. Or Sheldon, Leonard, & Howard (I kind of like the Big Bang Theory). Elvis, Frank, & Harry. Oh wow, I'm on a roll tonight. :) Can't wait to hear what you name them.

  18. How about Alvin, Simon and Theodore?