Thursday, October 10, 2013

What's the Point

Our good truck....

also known as my truck...

Well it gets treated an awful lot like a farm truck.  I drive it everywhere. It's a 1/2 ton truck, so it's not really built for hard work like our other trucks, but it's got 4-wheel drive so I'm not afraid to take it places.

Ya see this piece here, well it belongs on the front of my truck. The point of it is unclear to me but that's where it goes.

Evidently it got ripped off some time last week and it took Caleb about 2-3 days before he noticed it was gone. I'm not sure that I ever would. When we did discover it was gone I knew which field it had to be in...there was a corn field I did a lot of driving through last week and sure enough I went back to look for it and there it was. A corn stalk had finally gotten a hold of it and ripped it off. 

For a short period I think Caleb was thinking about putting it back on if we found it, but I said there's no need. I like it better without it and if you put it back on it's just gonna get ripped off again. 

Truck aren't just for looks around here! 



  1. OHHH JEEZ!! If I was to do something like that all heck would break loose. But if TNT and when TNT did that it was no big deal. Kind of like the mower + rock + new storm door window from a few springs ago. Not a big deal as long as he isn't the one doing the breaking! LOL

    So funny thing happened today. TNT called me at 2:10 and asked me to come pick him up (about 6 miles from town) his pickup broke down. I left work and went to save the day. I pull up and not only is he there, but so is the FIL & MIL. All three of them were in the pickup when the alternator went out. I was their last hope! LOL

    1. I remember that Post from before, cause I'm always scared I will do the same thing and I wold have one very up-set hubby. I actually won't mow in front of our house while Caleb is here cause it makes me too nervous. Our chore truck had a similar thing happen to it a few years ago too, only the little plastic thing was still half on. Caleb tried to rig it back on but it just kept coming loose. I finally convinced him to take it completely off, since it was a chore truck and it didn't need to look all fancy...he's never thought twice about it since doing that and I think that helped me stay out of hot water for loosing this one. ;)

  2. Where would we be without our trucks?

  3. I agrees trucks look better without that fairing. Especially lifted ones, it makes them look taller. =)