Friday, October 11, 2013

It's Gonna Happen...

It's said "Few things are certain in life but taxes and death," and when you work on a farm you can add in break downs....

Which usually come in the middle of harvest or planting season...probably because that when everything is being use really hard.

Caleb always hates break downs cause it slows him down from going 100 mph....but honestly what farmer doesn't hate breakdowns? 

The other day when I posted about Sunday Drives my friend Carrie (if you haven't checked her blog out you should, she takes some wonderful pics!!)...well she made the comment that their harvest has been going slow due to break downs. Well that's not the reason our harvest is going slow, but we have had a few and they sure don't help things! 

Well about 10 minutes into our first field this happens...

There is suppose to another snout on the end of that header. This is the brand new header and this was the first time that it was ever used and...

Caleb was the one driving...ouch!

The automatic header height wasn't working just right and Caleb was unloading on the go and going really fast and was going over a terrace (the only one in the field)....oops.

The only good thing about it was that I was actually at the parts store getting Chester's birthday present when this happened so I didn't have to make a special trip for it. ;)

As you can see Caleb had some "good help" when fixing it.

Caleb has complained to me that Chester sometimes gets in his way and things take longer when he is around....hmmm really I didn't know that. ;)  But he does love having him around.

Thankfully it didn't take them to terribly long to fix this and they were going again.

Well this wasn't the only mishap that we have had, yesterday I was taking Caleb lunch to the field and this happened.

Look closely at the front window.

Caleb was on the phone when it happened, so he's not really sure what happened. It wasn't muddy so the tires weren't throwing anything so it's kind of a mystery as to why this happened.

There was tons of small bits of glass that needed to be cleaned up.

 Since the corn was too wet to pick just yet, Caleb was hoping to get a lot of ground worked really fast so he could drill some wheat. 

Caleb's dad was able to get a new piece of glass ordered and on it's way and until it get's here they went and got a piece of plexiglass cut to fit and put it in there for now....really it will probably stay until the glass gets in and we get a rainy day to work on it. 

Breakdowns and accidents are boud to happen on farms, but as long as no one is hurt that's all that really matters! 

*all the combine pics were taken with my phone that's why they aren't as good of pics.

Hope ya'll have a GREAT weekend!!


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  1. And that is why I say my husband is a mechanic/farmer. I just try not to think about how much more money we would make if things didn't break down! haha