Friday, November 8, 2013

Guys - What Do they Know?!?!

 So fist thing this morning when I was talking about the things I needed to get done before Stinker #2 gets here Caleb repeated a statement that my father-in-law said about kids and I so don't agree....

"They are easier to take care of while they are on the inside than when they are on the outside"

I remember hearing this statement when I was pregnant with Chester and once again this statement was said by men. And just so you all know it is such a lie!

Now I'm not here to complain about being pregnant, cause I know there are ladies out there that would give anything for this opportunity, and to be honest I have very easy pregnancy's.  My blood pressure is perfect every time I go to the Doc, I feel "great" 95% of the time and I don't get sick like a lot of women do.

But no matter how good you feel at 38+ weeks along you are done. 
Sleep doesn't happen all that much, either you can't find a comfortable position to lay in or you are getting up 20 times to go pee and hoping you make it there before your child headbutts your bladder and you have to get some new underwear.  Also there is no comfortable position to set in and standing makes you tired. 

Now the guys would say you aren't gonna sleep when the baby gets here, and that's true, but the difference is you are able to sleep comfortable and good for 2 hours instead of uncomfortably for that time and boy does that make a difference! Also I know that I won't sit comfortably for about week or so after pushing monster #2 out cause everything down there...well lets just say it will be a little sore, but really it wasn't all that bad and heals really quickly.  

Also I am reminded as I get up to get Chester a drink that once the baby gets here I will be able to walk normally again....once again this may take about a week to happen, because of what we just talked about, but it's amazing how much better it is! Also there will be no more heartburn or popping nasty tums. And for those with gestational diabetes as soon as they cut the cord you are able to eat sweets again!! 

Needless to say when Caleb told me that statement this morning my return statement was "what does he know!" I can set the baby down and get things done and I can breath again. And as I found out with Chester I feel 5 million times better.....

I also don't have a little monster who is try to beat me up from inside my body and any woman that has ever been pregnant and about to pop knows exactly what I am talking about.

With all that being said, after thinking about this for a bit, the statement wasn't all that untruthful when you think of where it came from....

A man.

It is a lot easier for them while the baby is still on the inside. They sleep better with few distractions. They don't have to change diapers, feed bottles, deal with spit-ups and everything else that comes with a new baby. 

So I guess my father-in-law and other men who have said this statement do know a little about what they are saying...

They just shouldn't say it women who are 38+ weeks pregnant cause we might bite your head off or punch you in the face. Men you have been warned! ;)

Now on to other things. Since I don't think it would be right to have a post where there is no pics here are some from Halloween this year.

My not so little Owl had such a good time and got way more candy than he needed! 

And last but not least here is a full family pic from Halloween....

My little Owl, me as a big ol' Oak tree with a large termite nest and a farmer. He's kinda a party pooper when it comes to thing like this!  But I was glad that he came with us cause I was wore out when it was all said and done!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. I can't believe how BIG Chester looks! He's growing up. *sniff* Y'all are too cute, and yes. that's totally something a man would say. ;)