Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beans, beans.....

Well now that we have finished it is now time to move on to beans. The beans are dry, but the the stalks aren't so it's still slow going....just like the this past growing season.

It all starts when we put the seed in the ground.....then well our part is done for the most part, we sit back and do a lot of praying cause if they make or not is not up us but it is up to God. Even though the beans were very slow growing it's still lookin' like we will have a pretty good year.
Here's a few pics of the stages the beans go through from the beginning to the end...

I love the way the dried out pods look when they are ready to harvest.

It took a little longer than usually to get to this point but we are glad to be getting them out!

So as I have said many times before....things never happen like you want them to. Since the stalks are still a little tough we have had to make frequent stops to unplug the combine...

The nice thing about being behind the lens....I don't have to help with the problems.....ok that only happens for a bit then after I have taken the pics I have to get back to work....yuck ;)

After getting all the junk pulled out and the combine freed up Pop gets back on and gets going again....they gotta keep the combines moving, cause we want to get as much as we can done, cause there was a chance of rain on Monday night.....

....and we would like to get finished before Thanksgiving!!

Even though we had a few hiccup's through out the day we did get the field we will be on to the next field as soon as we can!


  1. Love the photos! We're so small-scale here, that I still (after all these years living on a farm) really don't know how all that big equipment works :) I'll think good thoughts for you, and hope you can finish up by Thanksgiving. -Tammy

  2. Thanks Tammy...I too was use to a lot smaller scale on my folks farm...but now I have to get use a whole new way of doing things!

  3. With this snow it'll be a few weeks until we can get our milo harvested. Not a fun harvest.

  4. Hey Janet how's harvest coming along? You all getting close to being done with it all yet? I know this weather is probably not helping things at all. Great pictures!