Monday, June 7, 2010

Cherry Pits and So Much More

Caleb's grandparents have a small tart cherry tree in their yard and this year it is fully loaded.

Last week most of the tree was ripe so it was ready to be picked, and boy did we do some pickin'.

Two of Caleb's sisters came down for a few days and wanted to pick the cherries and put them up to make some cherry pies

Caleb's mom even got in on the picking action.

Just look at all those yummy cherries!

Aidan helped, but got a little shy when I pulled out the camera.

Lexie also helped, but soon got board and went and played with some puppies instead.

Pop also came to help, but I caught him layin' down on the job.

I'd fire him for it, but that would be more work for me, so he can pick them any way he wants to.

We had buckets and bowels full of cherries when we were finished picking the tree.

Now it was time for the fun to begin...

...time to pit all the cherries.

Even little Lexie helped with the pitting, but she got a little distracted when Uncle Caleb came in an started eating chips, cuaau she had to eat some chips too.

It took a while, but we finally got all the cherries pitted and we were a cherry sticky mess.

When we were finished we had nine of these gallon containers full of cherries.
Holy-moly that's a lot of cherries.

We split them up between all that helped so cherry pie's here I come!

I will show you in a day or two what all I did with my cherries.


  1. My jaw hurts just thinking about those tart cherries. lol

    I love cherry pie so I'm hoping you're going to send me one. :)

    And great pictures btw!!!

  2. That's how our cherry tree went too... although 2 weekends ago it was full, last weekend it wasn't, I think someone stole all our cherries (maybe the birds) but we got a bunch picked too!!!

  3. That reminded me of growing up. We had a cherry tree in the front. I would pick 'em and eat those tart suckers all the time. Got to be a great seed spitter!

    Looked like a great family gatherin'. And I can't believe you had 9 buckets!

  4. Yum! Can't wait to see what you did with yours.