Monday, June 14, 2010

Pie Crust

So I promised a long time ago that I would share with you my pie crust recipe, so now that I am about to share with you my mom's cherry pie I thought you might want to know how I do my pie crust. So here we go...

Pie Crust line-up: Flour, lard, salt, ice water.

First place 2 2/3 cups of flower into a mixing bowl.

Mix in 1 teaspoon of salt.

Next you will need 3/4 cup of lard.

Add the lard to the flour salt mixture.

At this point if you are not using a stand you will want to cut this lard in with a fork or a pastry cutter until it forms pea size balls.

I use my kitchen aid stand mixer so I throw it all together and a let the mixer do all the work.

Gradually add ice cold water a tablespoon at a time...

...until it forms and does not stick to the side of the bowl.

It's about 7-8 tablespoons.

If it gets too sticky add some more flour or if it gets to dry add a little more water.

It will make about 3 single crusts.

Now let’s roll out the crust. Form a ball with about 1/3 of the pie dough and place it on a floured surface and start rolling it out. You may need to flip it over to make sure there is plenty of flour on both sides so it doesn't stick to the counter.

When I think I have it to about the right size I will place my pie pan on top of it just to make sure I am good to go.

My trick for getting the crust in the pan without tearing it in half is some thing I learned from my mom.

First you fold it in half.

Then fold it half one more time.

Now it's much easier to pickup. Next place it on one side of the pie pan...

...and just fold it on out.

Once you have it un-folded fill it with your filling of choice and cook as directed.

So there ya go. Here's my pie crust recipe. I hope it works for ya'll like it works for me.

Up next is my mom's cherry pie.



  1. Mmmm mmmm, just thinking about pie makes me hungry. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I'm usually lazy and just buy ones.

  3. Last fall/early winter I rolled up my sleeves and decided to tackle pie crust. It was OK, but I'm far from comfortable. You make it look so easy!