Monday, June 21, 2010

The World's Best Procrastinator

Yes it's true I am a huge procrastinator. That's one reason why half of my posts are one to two weeks after they happen, and that's what's goin' on here. About a week ago my folks came down from NE Missouri to come pick up a new puppy for my mom. While they were here, in lieu of a payment for the puppy I enlisted their help with putting up the panels to stake my 50 million tomato plants.

Ok so I don't really have 50 million plants.

I do however have 40 plants and for someone who hates the way tomatoes taste, I think that's plenty.

So as I previously mentioned I am a huge procrastinator and my tomatoes should have been staked about two weeks before my folks came down, but this time it wasn't my fault. Well it wasn't all my fault. Ya see Caleb was supposed to help me with this project and he never did. Since I didn't want to destroy all my plants by trying to lug all my panels into the garden by myself, I had to wait for help. Luckily my parents came a just the right time.

My momma had the camera during this process so I am actually in the pictures this time around.

I held the panels and Caleb wired them to the post. It worked great especially since he had pliers and I didn't.

But since it was my garden we were working in I got to be the boss for once.

It was great!

I held the post and made sure they were doing everything right.

FYI: I use cattle / hog panels instead of tomatoe cages...first because my momma does it that way so it must be right, and second cause they are sturdier and I need sturdy with this crazy Kansas wind.

So now the panels are in-place, the tomatoes are tied up, I've got all the weeds pulled now, I'm just waiting for the nasty little buggers to turn red so my wonderful husband can start eating them.

Now that's done and I'm a happy girl. Now I'm gonna go sit inside, drink a glass of sweet tea and just relax.

Ok, play time is over gotta get back out there and pull some more weeds before they take over my garden again.

With all that being said I will never, ever procrastinate again...

...starting tomorrow.

Lots of love, even to you crazy people who like to eat tomatoes.



  1. You a pretty awesome wife for planting all those tomatoes for the husband! Also, I love that you are a K-State gal, Go State!

  2. Hey girl....
    Congrats on the tomato planting/staking success! We're going to start a garden next spring when Jace decides where to put it. It won't be as large as yours, but it'll be good. Glad to know that we're not the only ones who aren't fond of fresh tomatoes.... although, on a blt sandwich they're not too bad.

    Keep smiling!

  3. Why do today what you can put off for tomorrow!

  4. Love the idea of using panels! :)