Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things on My Mind - A List

1. We are in the corn field, which means we will be having long crazy days.

You know the saying "Early to be and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."

Well here's what I feel like: "Early to rise and late to bed, makes a man feel like he's dead!"

2. I bought a huge bag of gummy bears at Orschlyns (a farm and home store for those that don't have one) and I just bit the head off a yellow bear and boy was it good!

3. I should have posted more last week but I was reading a book...

4. When I start reading a book I don't want to put it down and I don't get anything done. I'm also a very slow reader. Both are good reasons why I don't read that much!

5. Every time I go out side Jasper (the jack russell) thinks he needs to go and attack the skunk he killed last night. It makes him feel like a little stud!

6. The last time the dogs messed with a skunk they all smelled like it for well over a week, but luckily this time there wasn't much smell. Jasper must have killed it before it could spray much.

7. Currently Jasper is averaging killing one critter a week. This keeps me busy hauling the nasty dead things away.

8. I planted 5 rose bushes today. I would love to have bought more, but I thought I had better cut myself off.

9. Since we are in the field planting corn this also means I should be in my garden planting things. Everything I planted a few weeks ago has come up and I planted more potatoes and peas yesterday.

10. I am planning on doing a post about planting potatoes, but I need to be able to sit down for more than 10 minutes to do it.

11. I haven't had a chance to read all my favorite blogs in forever and it makes me sad.

12. Last night Caleb came in at 2 am. At 5:30 am I got up to go pee (this happens a lot now that I'm pregnant!) At 5:31 I fell into a toilet because my husband forgot to put the seat down...

Had he not gotten in so late and was going to get up early I would have yelled and yelled loud. As it was I was nice and let him get his rest and when I told him about it in the morning he laughed at time I may not be so nice!

13. I haven't uploaded pictures in over a week and I probably have over 200 of them to up load....This is part of the reason there isn't any pictures on this post...and because I'm being lazy tonight, but lest not talk about that.

14. I need to mow the yard, it's kinda goin' crazy!

15. I love going out in the evenings and sitting and listening to the frogs croak.

16. Lilacs are blooming and oh how delicious they smell!! If only Caleb's nose agreed with me this world would be a much better place!

17. My baby bump is growing and I can no longer suck it in and make it dissapear....

Any time I have mentioned this to people the porceed to tell me that their gut is bigger....a point of which I don't care and it's not my fault, but I have a baby growing inside of me and I am finally able to see some proof on my body that the little one is growing, so pretend that you see my belly even if you don't.

18. With all that being said, I'm going to bed cause I'm tired and it's gonna be a long day tomorrow!

Night all,



  1. Oh my word, I almost laughed OUT LOUD about the toilet incident. HAHA! Glad to see a post from ya!

  2. Every time someone asks me how I'm feeling, I just say "fat and hungry" cause that describes! I don't really feel pregnant yet, just fat, lol. I did buy me some maternity jeans the other day, wow they are so comfortable, lol.

  3. Hahaha GREAT Post!
    Congrats on your baby bump...its so exciting isn't it?! Enjoy!