Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things Aren't Always What they Seem

So about two weeks ago Caleb and I were awoken to barking dogs early in the morning. They were at the other end of the house so they really weren't bothering us all that bad so I didn't bother getting up and yelling at them.

Later after getting up, eating breakfast Caleb and I head out to go our separate ways...

He was headed to put anhydrous on and I was going to check and feed all the cattle.

As we walked out side we found what they were barking at...

a possum.

Now this isn't the first time we have had a critter like this laying in the yard, with a jack russell it is a common occurrence.

Well I head off to feed a group of cows down the road and then head back to the house with a bale of hay to feed the group that was there.

Well after feeding them I stop by the house...

Probably to get food. Currently food is ruling my life.

Anyways when I was walking towards the house I noticed something in my tree that isn't usually there...

Yes that would be the possum that I thought was dead.

Evidently it wasn't and was able to crawl away when Jasper and the others weren't looking.

It crawled up here in the tree thinking it would be safe...

But it wasn't expecting me and my pliers to come along and pull him out of the tree.

Oh how excited Jasper was for this.

I let him play with it for a while and then I "took care of" the nasty pest.

I could of let Jasper take care of it, but that would mean I would have this dead nasty critter in my yard that would start stinking and well I didn't want that.

After taking care of the critter I put it on the back of the truck along with the raccoon that I had seen a few weeks ago (I thought it was gone only to be wrong in finding it again).

So they were both loaded on the back of the truck and taken a long way away to another farm where the dogs couldn't get a hold of it and drag it back into the yard...

Because as of today there is another dead possum in the yard (that Caleb threw across the road and the dogs retrieved) as well as what it left of a calf that died a long time ago...

Oh the joys of having dogs.

I hope you all have a great weekend and hopefully I will get the chance to do some more posting next week...

No guarantees.

Have a Wonderful weekend!!!



  1. We don't like them either, but Armadillos are worse. They dig up our yard.

  2. Possums are so nasty and they carry EPM which is a killer of horses, this is for sure not a possum sanctuary! ;0)

  3. Oh the joys of farm dogs! I had a possum incident several years ago. I thought it was dead too. But nope! Icky thing!

  4. When Trixie was alive she was smart and wouldn't drag her dead finds in the yard so we could take it away from her. Yet she was surprised that she got a bath every night. phew she's stink!

  5. Oh my! ha Your dog is too cute!