Thursday, January 31, 2013

Are You My Owner?!?!?!

So back before Christmas, really close to the beginning of December we noticed we had an extra cow out with our herd here by our house. She wasn't hard to spot she is a red white faced cow in a group of all black cows.

We do have a few red cows in some of our groups, but we know each of them by sight and here be our house we don't have any red cows, so she stuck out like a sore thumb.  

When she appeared we were super busy and didn't have time to get her in, so we didn't bother calling the neighbor to tell him she was here. She wasn't hurting anything out in our pasture, she was just out eating wheat with the rest of the girls, so we just left her.

Well after Christmas was over with we decided to get her in and then give the neighbor a call to tell him to come get her. When his hired man shows up he takes one quick look at her and says she isn't theirs....

We were shocked and confused, to say the least.

This one neighbor always has cattle getting out on us, so we just KNEW it was his cow, but we were wrong. This hired man said he had seen her running the roads north of us a month or so before, but she defiantly wasn't theirs. 

So since we had her caught, we tried to get a hold of all the other neighbors in the area that have cattle and see if she was theirs....

But we had no luck, everyone we talked with said she didn't belong to them.  So now we are back to square one. We still have this random red cow hangin' out in our pasture eating our wheat. 

There is one neighbor who said no to her, but Caleb and I both think we remember her staring us down from across the the fence when we would be in the field next to his pasture.

I am beginning to think that she hitch-hiked her way here from out west in hope of finding greener pasture.....just a thought. ;)



  1. Growing up we found a sheep wandering the roads near our farm. The closest sheep farmer was 30 miles from us and it wasn't his. No clue where she came from. lol That sheep & this cow must be gypsies!!

  2. I hope you can find her home soon, or that she can assimilate into your herd easily enough.

  3. You've fed her this long, I think she's yours.

    At least you made an effort our neighbor just took ours to the sale barn.

  4. Awe (she's lost) and LOL (she hitch-hiked)...loved that! Perhaps she'll get to thinking that pastures aren't always greener on the other side and she'll find her way back home to her own herd. ;)