Friday, January 18, 2013


So now that my head is clear to think again I thought I would share with you what's goin' on with life here on the farm.....Well it's kinda slow....

Slow might not be the right word, it's less varied right now. We stay busy, but its doing the same thing pretty much each day....

That is we feed Cattle everyday, and that's about it. Ok there is some other stuff, but it's boring stuff so we aren't gonna talk about tit right now.

It's cold and there is no grass so a lot of hay is being fed.

And ate. 

If they weren't cows I would call them pigs....

I don't go out everyday, but Chester and I usually try and make it out at least once a week, and some times he doesn't make through feeding all the cattle without falling asleep.

This guy always likes to tag along as well. I'm not sure why but he always looks so pathetic in all the pictures I have of him. 

This is probably opne of my favorite cows cause she throws some awesome caves!!

And oddly enough I haven't named her yet, I haven't came across an name that I like just yet. 

Any suggestions?? 

The boys stopped to say hi to the camera....the bigger one is Tom and the smaller one is Lenard.

This is another one of my favorite cows....

She's just pretty....and the pretty sun on her pretty black coat makes her look even prettier!

Until we meet again.



  1. Hey, I just did a cow post too ;) Your boys and girls are so purty! Our current bull is Fernando. He follows Ferdinand I and II. I don't name anyone else.. maybe I should? :) Love your red doggie!! Chester is growing up entirely too fast.. you know that, right? He is so adorable! -Tammy

  2. Love Chester's hat!!! I love cow posts. Makes me miss them, but not enough to want some! LOL