Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh at Yourself

So as I was fixin' up some leftover spaghetti yesterday for dinner (lunch for all you city folks) I decided to make some yummy garlic bread out of some small french loafs.

While cutting through a loaf of french bread I was thinking that I need to be careful cause I've almost made it through the loaf and I don't want to cut myself.

At that moment I sliced right into my pointer finger...

...oh blankity, blank, blank, blank.

Ok there was only one blank and then I sat down the knife and bread down and headed to the bathroom to get a band-aid so I can get back to cookin' some food.

So I head back to the kitchen to finish making my garlic bread only to discover I can't find my half-cut loaf and knife anywhere.

It's not on the counter where I was cutting it...

...so I look on the table that's in the kitchen but I don't see it there either.

So I look on the dinning room table, which is half way between the kitchen and bathroom, but it's not there either.

I head back into the kitchen and check the counter, then the table, then back to the dinning room, still no luck. I even go into the bathroom to see if I might have taken it in there in my rush to get a band-aid, but it wasn't there either.

So, I head back into the kitchen looking everywhere on the way but still can't find that crazy loaf of bread.

I then decided to stop and do some thinking. "Where in the world did I put that bread?"

Then a thought came into my mind where it might be, but it couldn't be there...

...could it...

...no, I wouldn't do that...


I mean I can be scatter brained sometimes, and might place leftovers in the microwave instead of the refrigerator and don't discover them for a day or two, but I'm not crazy enough to do what's in my mind...

...but just in case let’s just check and see.

So, I pull open my knife drawer open...

...and low and behold look what I found.

I laughed soo hard at myself after I found this.

I knew I had set it down some where but just wasn't sure where. All I can figure was that I was cutting the bread with the drawer opened and when I cut myself I sat them both down in the opened drawer, shut it and then headed to the bathroom to fix my little booboo.

Thankfully the bread wasn't hurt too bad and tasted just fine when I was finally able to have my garlic bread.

I hoped ya'll laugh at my blond moment.

Latter tatters,



  1. Oh my goodness, that looks like something I`d do! Very funny entry! =)

  2. First off I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself too badly. Secondly, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Thirdly, I thought I was the only one who did things like that!

  3. Too funny! Hey, maybe you should look at this as a 'sign', and tell Caleb you need some rest...like a Spa Day, or something! You know, before somebody gets seriously injured!

  4. hey! glad you are ok. too funny about the bread. indeed, we've all done something strange like that, though!

    And yes! I do call lunch, lunch and dinner, dinner (...what you country folks call supper! ;)


  5. LOL! Glad to see I'm not the only one having blonde moments! The knife drawer! too funny

  6. haha! I love how you grabbed a picture of it-it made it way funnier. I found a kleenex box in my freezer last night.....it couldn't of been me. No way! :)

  7. If it weren't for Blonde Moments my life would be boring! :)

  8. Oh, I have SO done this! One time I was making chicken salad, had a bit of an emergency and when I came back I couldn't find my chicken. Looked all over creation, and finally found it sitting on my table beside the bed.

    And I'm forever losing the can opener. Stuck it in the fridge one day...Phew, so glad to know I'm not alone! ;) Hope your finger feels better soon!

  9. LOL!!!! I do stuff like this all the time!