Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sunday Drive

Every Sunday Farmer Caleb and I load up in the chore truck (after taking a nap) and head out on a drive around the farm to check everything out.

Depending on what time of the year it is we check different things.

Right now we are just watchin' all the crops grow so it's a little more relaxin' then other times of the year.

Checkin' the corn fields is one of Caleb's favorite things to do. I think it's because he loves harvesting corn and when he sees all those ears he can't wait to see how they do.

So every week we head out to the fields, stop and head into them and start pickin' some random ears of corn.

When they are nice lookin' ears like this one I get a big ol' smile from this happy farmer.

While lookin' at the crop fields we also stop in to see our ladies and put out any slat or mineral that is needed in each of the pastures.

While he's counting I'm shootin' pictures of our lovely ladies.

Occasionally we have to go search for a missing lady. And with as hot as it's been this lady had the right idea of hangin' out in the creek.

We also have a tag-a-long on our drive.

The newest addition to the family my little lab Hank.

He loves riding in the truck cause that means lots of attention as well as some AC...

...and who could blame him with as hot as it's been around here!


  1. Hank is a cutie! Hope he's better behaved for you than our Hank the Cowdog. I'm about ready to ship him off to China! :) Your ladies are looking fat and sassy, just like they ought to!
    I've SO enjoyed my canning set! It came in the knick of time, right before we went and picked 70 some odd pounds of peaches. I've got over 50 jars of jam and canned peaches on my counter, and that Ball book is dog eared already. :)

  2. Reminds me of driving around my Pappy's farm when we would stay with him in the summer. :)
    Hank is ADORABLE!!!

  3. haha that one picture almost looks like the shot you get from the Angus Association! :)

  4. Nice picture of Hank! I trust he's a well behaved tag along? :) Enjoyed the post.

  5. Everything looks good! The corn around here is HORRIBLE. The poor farmers lost out on that crop. The cotton is huge though. I'm gonna take a picture of it this weekend.

    Hank is adorable!

  6. Hank is so cute! Those are some good looking cattle.

  7. That is so exciting that your corn is that far along. I am headed up to my boys house this weekend, and love seeing the crops. That is a great black cow too!

  8. Oh I love Hank. When did you get him? Our corn is just starting to tassle out, but it looks great. I really wish TNT would like to drive around. When I was growing up that was our Sunday evening entertainment too, but TNT just doesn't like to do it. Oh well.