Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I have been having a hard time sitting down and writing about our corn harvest. I just haven't been motivated, but I still wanted to share some of my photo's with all ya'll just the same!

I have to warn you that these photos are full of corn. So, if you don't like corn you might not want to look at these pictures.

Pictures of corn falling out of augers.

Some with bins in the background.

Others with parts of the combine in the picture with lots of corn flowing out of it.

Photos of the last little bits of corn falling into the truck.

Even more pictures of the corn tumbling into the back of the trucks.

Corn splashing on the almost full truck.

Bushels and bushels plunging into the trucks.

Pictures of corn on a fully loaded truck, that's now ready to head for town to unload.

I told you I had a few pictures of corn. When I get more motivated I will write ya'll one big farmin' post.

Peace, Love, and Corn,



  1. Gosh. That's a lot of corn. And you're a great photographer. I love the shot right after you wrote "bushels and bushels plunging into the trucks". :)

  2. Just like yellow gold!


  3. Love it! The action shots are so cool and the colors are great. My son is sitting here saying "tractor, tractor!" which I think is funny - there aren't any pics of the actual tractor, but he knows one is being used! ;)

  4. Great pictures - the corn is so clean and bright! Yes great action shots!

  5. #14 is my favorite, but you got a lot of great stopping motion shots. Great job Janet!! I can do the stop motion pretty good, but the implying motion is a bit tougher for me.

  6. Yellow Gold!

    Wish we could grow the stuff..it's too hot and dry here and we don't have enough water (or can't afford to pump the water).

  7. So, what have y'all been doing lately? lol. We're about to have pictures like that, except ours will be filled with peanuts and cotton!

  8. Corn-palooza! The only thing I could think of was a silly saying from a radio station... "EAT SOME CORN!!"

  9. this is amazing i never seen it before
    God bless