Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Springtime Already?!?!?!?

So I kid you not I was pullin' into the drive at Caleb's grandparents and I look up the hill and what do I see....

....their lilac bush blooming and they "normally" only bloom in April, but all I can figure is after the extremely dry weather we had this summer the plant went dormant and decided that since we finally got rain it though it was spring and decided to bloom.

The great thing about it bloomin' right now is that since Caleb has problems with his sniffer and hates the way they smell, right now he is doped up on claritin and the smell doesn't bother him near as much!



  1. Amazing...sure has been a strange year for weather. Beautiful picture!

  2. *Jaw drops*

    Now that IS something unusual!

  3. I would totally take missing winter all together, but I would like a little bit of fall first, which I haven't seen any of yet! I'm going to die of a heatstroke in the cotton field.

  4. Wow!! That really is strange . . . but what an unexpected gift! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that smell! Have a great weekend from this Missouri farmer's wife :)!

  5. Ha! You know what, I pulled into my drive this afternoon and noticed my crepe myrtles were all bloomed! What the heck?

  6. Oh how I wish it was spring again. Makes me sad to know the snow will be flying soon. :( But at least I have a warm hat and scarf that you knitted for me.