Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Presents

One crazy thing about me is that I love wrapping presents. If I live close to a big city store where I could get payed for doing it, then I would be a happy camper.

When I get back from shopping on black Friday, I am soo ready to start wrapping...but  usually I take a nap first.

Actually I don't start wrapping them until I get the tree up first. but once it's up I am a wrapping fool!

I have had all my presents wrapped for a couple weeks now...

well all that I could get wrapped....

I am still working on a couple of presents but as soon as I'm finished with them they will be sitting under my tree.

Since I have a couple of different family's to buy for and I don't want to get everybody's presents all mixed up....

I give each family their own wrapping paper. The great thing about the wrapping paper I use is it's reversible, so you get two for the price of one! I get my wrapping paper from Sam's Club cause it has this reversible stuff and the rolls have 200 or better sq ft, so they last forever!!!

Another thing I do is buy matching ribbon to go with each roll, cause I like pretty bows!

After people open their presents I will save and re-use the ribbons. Now if someone really wanted to keep it I would let them but if not I will take it back and use it the next year.

The green wrapping paper with the big red bows are for Caleb and I....

ok really just for Caleb cause as of yet there is nothing under the tree for me....

I guess I was just a bad girl this past year and I'm on the naughty list, oh well there is always next year...

This year the blue presents were for Caleb's family and as of yesterday, they are no more, but they were pretty while they were here.

Now my rule has always been that Caleb and I get the prettiest wrapped packages and as of last year that was the green ans red ones and I thought that would still be the same thing this year.

I did buy some new gold paper and ribbon this year, but I really didn't think I would like it all that much but then...

I wrapped my first one and well they are just beautiful. O-well I guess my side of the family will get the prettiest ones this year, but next year this will be mine and Caleb's cause I just love it!!

If you don't have all your presents bought or wrapped just yet don't worry you still have 4 1/2 days left.

I'm now gonna go work on making and eating some Christmas Candy!!




  1. I have a confession. I hate wrapping. HATE it. I usually end up using bags, because I hate wrapping. I guess it just takes too much patience for me, and obviously patience is a virtue I have PLENTY of (because I never use it....) ;)
    Your gifts are BEAUTIFUL though! Now, do you think you'll have time to wrap mine? :P

  2. So pretty! I hate wrapping unless it's just one or two presents then I don't mind going all out.But at christmas I have to break it down over seven days.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. I use to always use bags cause I couldn't wrap for anything. But now I'm putting more time into wrapping and the gifts look like a 5th grader did them. So much improvement! lol I think the wrapped gifts look really pretty under the tree. I also will buy those 6 for $2 ornaments they have at Walmart and put them on the package. I tried ribbons and bows one year but Tails carried them around the house so that was the end of them.

    You do a wonderful job on your gifts. And I didn't know that Sam's carried papaer like that! I will have to buy some!

  4. WOW!! Your presents look gorgeous! I love wrapping gifts...this year, I have chosen a different paper for each boy...and there is no name and the curiosity is getting to them!!
    Have a wonderful and Blessed Christmas!

  5. Hey I'll bring you my packages if you'd like to wrap them too :)

  6. Oh how I fail! :) I always just wrap, stick a sticky bow on em' and call it good. Your presents are so pretty!

  7. Us wives are always the last to have presents under the tree! I've done the different kind of wrapping paper for each side of the family before, but this year, I'm trying to keep it seperate by what side of the tree I put it under, lol.

  8. Well, I wish you lived closer, I'd let you wrap my presents! I wrapped everything yesterday. Made candy too. I think we're living parallel lives! ;)

    I love the color coordinating for the family members.

  9. I LOVE the gold and green ones! I love wrapping too. I've always been a Sally Foster/Innisbrook/Hobby Lobby kindof girl -- I'll have to check out Sam's club paper! I had to put myself on wrapping paper buying hiatus for the last few years b/c I had so much... maybe next year!

  10. I NEED you in NM then. From black Friday to Christmas eve I do a fundraiser at Borders Book store: *Wrapping gifts*. It gets old fast and teenagers can't wrap. Your presents look great. I also love Sam's wrapping paper.

  11. I NEED you in NM then. From black Friday to Christmas eve I do a fundraiser at Borders Book store: *Wrapping gifts*. It gets old fast and teenagers can't wrap. Your presents look great. I also love Sam's wrapping paper.

  12. Okay, two things. :) (Or three)
    1. Where do you find reversible paper? I'd love reversible wrapping paper!

    2. Can you teach us how to make a pretty bow like yours? Mine are realy lame!

    (3. Are those purple lights on your tree? Love it all!)