Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cookin' up a Giveaway

So if you have ever been in my kitchen or had some of my cooking you would know that I am a cast iron queen. I was raised cookin' in a cast iron skillet and that's what I still use.

Fact: When I moved into my own place while in college I "stole" a skillet from my mom cause I didn't think I could use a non-cast iron skillet. I still have that skillet and use it more than any other pan in my cupboard.

Fact: My mom collects cast irons and doesn't even miss it.

Fact: I replaced it this year with another cast iron skillet that I picked up at an auction.

Ok now lets get back to why you are all here...

it's for one word...


It's ok, I do the same thing.

Because I have such a strong love for Cast Iron Cookware I am giving away.....

1 - 8" Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet

It's already seasoned and ready to start cookin'.

I wanted to give away a bigger skillet but I figured it would cost me an arm and a leg to ship it and this one was on sale, so there ya go.

But just cause its smaller doesn't mean you still cant use it. I use mine to cook bacon bits for my creamy potato soup ... it works great for this. I also fry potatoes, and toast the bottom side of hamburger bun in it. I love this little beast!

Also 1 Package of Hot Handle Mitts. There is one red one and a one black one in this package.  These are a must for anyone using cast iron skillets.

Here's my skillet my momma GAVE me a few years ago for Christmas as you can see I have put the miles on it too.

Yes that is bacon grease in the pan.

Yes I save my bacon grease and cook with it.

Things just taste better in bacon grease.

My handle mitt has seen some wear and tear too.

Funny thing about this one. A few years back when I was a poor college student, my mom gave me some things she had bought for herself to give her for Christmas. Included in that stuff was a package of the handle mits. Well anybody that knows my mom knows that she loves the color red. It's everywhere in her kitchen, in her house and in her wardrobe. Well among the other things I was to give her was some red Kitchen Aid towels well to continue with the 'red' theme of the gift I thought I should keep the black mitt out of the gift, and since her kitchen was full of red stuff, then I should just keep it in my kitchen instead. Well and as you can see it has been well used in the past 6...7...8 years that I have had it.

OK Back to the GIVEAWAY...

Here's the Rules:

Just leave me a comment telling me your favorite Christmas tradition or memory or anything that's on your mind

One entry per person

*You can earn a second entry by blogging about my giveaway and then leaving a second comment with a link to you post.

* You can even get a third entry by sharing this contest with your friends via Facebook or Twitter! Be sure to share the link, then come back and let me know you did with another comment.

Entries will close at midnight on Sunday, December 12th and I will announce the winner on Monday morning.

Ok my favorite tradition would have to be going to my grandmas house and making and eating banana splits before we have our dinner.

Good Luck,



  1. My favorite Christmas tradition......would be having a gathering with my sister, mom & step-dad. There are not lights, no trees, but there is presents. We eat prime rib and open gifts. It seems so much more relaxed then all the other Christmas gatherings I go too.

  2. My favorite tradition is not having traditional food on Christmas with my mom's side of the family. We try new year was Mexican but the Italian has been the fave.

  3. My favorite tradition is reading this particular poem (Annie & Willie's Prayer)

  4. Please include me in your MOST GENEROUS giveaway!! Our tradition is making homemade Cuban food, including Tamales!! YYUUMM!! XXOO, Damaris

  5. We don't really have any set in stone traditions for the holidays. Every year we have a new game to play or a new theme for the gift swap. I guess the only thing that stays the same is family.

  6. My favorite thing is thinking about the reason for the season and knowing we are all blessed and loved.

  7. My favorite memory of Christmas would be going to my Grammas house, which we did every year, and having it so full of people that we were sleeping on the floor just so we could all be together. Many cousins and friends to play with. And the food. Lots of food.

  8. Yay! I love cast iron! The Lodge factory is not far from here in South Pittsburg, TN, and I have always wanted to tour it! I have been in their factory store there though. Heaven! haha. I hope you've tried my Apple Pie in an Iron Skillet recipe that I posted on my blog last week, so good!

    My favorite thing at Christmas is baking goodies for everybody!

  9. I love cast iron too. I cook with it all the time, but I don't think I have a skillet this size :)!!! My favorite Christmas memory is when I was a little girl we would go to my grandma and grandpas house every year for lunch on Christmas day. My mom is one or 8 kids and there are 17 grandkids. Needless to say it was a housefull. My grandma had a huge (well it was huge to me) Christmas tree in the corner and everybody got a present. We had homemade chicken and dumplings, fried chicken. It was amazing. How they did it I will never know. My grandpa went home to be with the Lord 19 years ago and my grandma is in a nursing home. But I can close my eyes and still be back at their house anytime I want. Thank you for the beautiful memory.

  10. How sweet of you! A giveaway! My family always watches the National Lampoon Christmas Vacation movie. It's so funny and we laugh every year even though we've seen it a bazillion times! Also, the husband and I bake and decorate sugar cookies on Christmas Eve. Since we usually spend the holidays alone (our families live far away) we come up with our own traditions.

  11. I have always wanted o try using cast iron but haven't for some reason! How fun it would be to win one!

    Favorite thing about Christmas? hmm... the baking! I am having a cookie exchange tonight actually~

  12. Everything tastes better with a little bacon grease! Well, maybe not everything, but I still save mine too.
    Love cast iron. Hope I win!!!!!

  13. My favorite memory was one Christmas when I was eight and was so thrilled because I received a checkers games from one of my aunts. Growing up very poor that was the best gift ever. As for traditions, its time to make new ones after the passing of some very important family members. Love cast iron!

  14. My favorite tradition is Christmas breakfast with my family! And I use bacon grease -- have some in the fridge!

  15. I love how you 'stole' it from home! I love my cast iron, too. We only have electric here at this house, but they still work great and I use them all the time. I've never seen one of those mitts before, I need some of those. I'll have to check out our farm store.

    (Oh, I was going to tell you, too. If you go to the post office and look at their flat-rate boxes - which are free- you'll probably find one that will fit the skillet. It will save you a bundle on postage for something that heavy!)

    Fun Christmas memory...I have tons! Probably my favorite would be the Christmas of 2005, I met my Hubby a few weeks before Christmas, and our first date was just a few days after! The rest is history. ;)

  16. Ladyo, this is so exciting! You are a generous soul, and I do believe it's high time this girl from the North learned to use such a fine skillet as this! ha! I love it that you keep bacon grease to fry in...mmm...oh so tasty! :)

  17. I have a cast iron skillet and a chicken fryer I inherited from my Grandma. Use them all the time. I fry bacon that comes from our own pigs we raise. My favorite Christmas tradition is after we open presents, the 'girls' spend the sfternoon making a craft. I am a photographer, my sister is the crafty one. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I love cast iron, but must admit I don't own one, hope I win :)

    My favorite Christmas tradition and memory is the family table cloth. Every year we all write something down on it, can be anything at all, happy, sad, scripture, even a drawing and then we pack it up and put it away, it only comes out on Christmas. I love looking at all the different thoughts on it written over the years, it's one of the traditions that we never break.

    tesnjen at aol dot com

  19. My favorite tradition is meeting at Grandmas farmhouse for christmas with all the family especially if it snows so we can go sledding! Count me in on the giveaway.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  20. Awesome, Janet! My favorite thing to make in the cast iron is cornbread, yes, with bacon grease :)

    My favorite holiday memory was my mom reading "The Poky Little Puppy's First Christmas" to us. She kept it with the Christmas decorations so we only got to here it when we decorated the tree. Guess who I named my dog after?

  21. I had asked Cristen what her best memories of Christmas are, she says: when we all used to pack up and go to Grandma and Grandpa's house on Cristmas Eve. With all the presents, toys and food in the car we would make the drive. We had done this every year for years until Grandma got sick with cancer and couldn't do this any more. It was so much fun to let them wake up to Grandpa pretending to be Santa and seeing the large eyes of the kids and the proud smile on Grandma's face! Then we would play with the new 'cool' toys and Grandma would make pancakes from scratch.
    It was a great time in our lives and we will always cherish these memories.

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share some of our memories and thoughts. Good luck with your give-a-way.

  22. My favorite Christmas tradition is the Christmas Eve service. We always went as a child and continue to go with our daughter. It is so calm and peaceful - you can just do no more.