Monday, December 13, 2010

Farm Eggs (and a Winner)

So yesterday evening Caleb had been out checkin' the cattle and he stopped by his grandparents house where they gave him the eggs their chickens had produced that day.

So Caleb does what he normally does and sticks them in his pocket and then he goes about his business.

When gets home and comes in I hear all this hollering goin' on from his direction.  I'm really not sure what all he said, but somewhere in all of it I get the words "forgot the eggs were in my pocket" and "I smashed them."

Well about this time I am cracking up (pun soo intended) and Caleb is telling me that it's not funny!


it was soo very funny!! 

He was just mam because it was his chore coat and it was cold outside and he was going to need it the next day.

It was then that I informed him that we had a washer and a dryer and I'm sure it can get all the egg nasty out of his pocket and dry his coat by morning.

As he's headed outside to dump the scrambled eggs out of his pocket I did what any good blogger does and I grabbed my camera so you all could see it too.

And the Winner is....

Amy over at Bumble Bee Lane who said "My favorite tradition is meeting at Grandmas farmhouse for Christmas with all the family especially if it snows so we can go sledding! "

Congratulations Amy.

To claim you prize send an e-mail to with your name and where to send it too and I will get it out to you asap.

Thanks to all you entered! I love ya all!!



  1. Too darn funny.Sounds like something pappap would have done(he's passed away now but loved his chickens) I'm the lucky winner so off to email you now.Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. That kills me. If we had chickens I'm sure my hubby would do the exact same thing. Love it!

  3. I did the SAME THING last week! Except I didn't totally crush them, so you better bet that I salvaged the cracked ones (a little white shy of a full egg!) and still used those suckers!

  4. If you saw all the nasty stuff that I pulled out of Calebs pocket you would understand why I didn't try and save any!!!

  5. LOL! Sounds like something I would do. I forget stuff all the time. I can only imagine what else was in that work coat pocket!