Friday, May 13, 2011

Little Stinker (aka Baby) Up-Date

First I want to say thank you to all of you who made comments the other day on my post. I'm glad to know that there are other hard workin' mommas out there!

About a week and half ago we had another Doctors appointment where we had an ultrasound so I thought I would give you an up-date on the baby.

First I have to say, they gave us a disk with pics of little stinker on it, but I have no idea where it is so I had to take a picture of the picture we had printed off and here's what we got.

There is our little alien child. This was done when I was 18 weeks and 1 days along. They did a bunch of measuring in which little stinker wouldn't hold still. They actually measured it a week ahead of what my due date is...which would put me at the same time as my friend Steph, but since I was on clomid and had to chart everything we know exactly when everything took place, so my due date is still October 3.

Stinker weighed about 10 oz and was doing great!

I have been feeling the little guy moving around for a long time now, but I've only known it since about Easter.

Here's what I looked like at 18 weeks along. Also I chopped about 10 inches off of my hair cause it was just getting too long!!

At my appointment they said I had gained about 5-6 lbs and I was just fine with that.

I have been feeling great the entire time.

The only food I have had any problems with is milk. It will upset my belly some. What stinks about that is I have want to eat some oreo's and milk. But it has gotten better and usually I just deal with the sour stomach.

I haven't even started working on the babies room yet.  I have thought about it, but that's as far as I have gotten. 

Yesterday in the mail I got my first diapers for little stinker.

Yes, I am going to do cloth ones for a number of different reasons.

1. We don't get trash pick up and diapers don't burn.
2. Even though they cost more up-front they are cheaper over the long haul.
3. It is less diapers going into the landfill.

Will I ever use disposable diapers? YES, I am sure I will.

Do I care if others use disposable diapers? NO, to each their own. If you are a stay at home mom and have the time and the want to do it than that's great, but if you don't that's great too.  I am choosing to mainly cause I don't want to get trash service just for diapers and it is a lot cheaper over the long haul.

Two diapers won't last to long, but ya got to start some where.

* Just because they are blue it doesn't mean anything. I will put a little girl in blue. I don't plan on getting any pink cause I won't put a little boy in pink!

I finished this last night and was soo excited.

I did it all by hand (because I didn't know how to thread my sewing machine). It's not perfect, but I am sure happy with how it came out!

Don't worry color doesn't mean any thing, I have blue to make one for a little boy.

The pink was leftover form a project I had done before so I decided to make a quilt. 

My mom has since been down to my house and shown me how to thread my machine so for the next I will probably do a lot of the sewing with the machine.

My inspiration for this was my baby blanket that my Great-Grandma made me. It's not in too bad of shape for being 28 years old.

I have got a few outfits for stinker, but I didn't get pictures of them. Most of my clothes buying will have to wait till after it's born when we know what we have.

So there you go. As of today we are 19 weeks and 4 days, so almost halfway there.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week and have a great weekend!

Lots of Love,



  1. You are so cute!!! Those blankets are awesome. I still have the blanket I carried around when I was little.

  2. You look wonderful, and I love the blankets! So sweet. I may have missed your post, but are you planning on finding out the gender before birth-day?

  3. you look great! and those blankets are really cute. if you want to see some cute farm kid stuff, check out Purple Banner Designs. they have a very cute stuffed cow with an ear tag. happy week to you.

  4. I need to post an ocassional belly picture too, lol. The doc said I've gained about 8 lbs. I go back Monday for my "official" ultrasound. I think I've been feeling the baby move, even Lance felt it. It feels like a nerve twitching sometimes, so I'm not sure if it's a nerve or a baby! lol.

  5. You look great! Love your hair...
    great sewing projects...I love them.
    I went with neutral colors too, you can always put a girl in boys colors, but not vice versa!

    So excited for you~I think using cloth is great...wish I had done things differently, BUT...14 years ago...the cloth diapers were not as "good" as they are was still fold your own and use the GIANT pins! LOL

  6. You look great- both of you! (And hey, I wonder of soy milk would work for your stomach right now? Just a thought. I love milk, and would 'push through', too!)

  7. Janet you look so great! And, sewing that All by hand? Whew-wee! I'd be happy to show you how to thread your machine (i just know how to do a little with my machine!).


  8. Aw, such a cute little bump! Mine is no longer a cute little bump.. It's alot more mountain-like these days.
    LOVE the quilts!

  9. What a cute little baby bump you have there. Those diapers you got are quite intriguing. I applaud you for going cloth diapers. they are a bit more work, and expensive, but I think in the long run, they will save you money. I used cloth all the way on my first. On second, it was a mixture because we were in the hospital more than at home, and by the third, I gave up and he was a "pampers" baby! HAHA....I went through a LOT of cloth diapers simply because after rinsing them out, I would drop them into a bucket of clorox water, because I had to have WHITE DIAPERS at the time. The clorox ate them up. But if you can get colored ones, then maybe they will last a little longer. Oh, and love your little blankets......Baby's are so much fun!

  10. What a cute lil momma you are! I think my belly looks about like that and I'm not prego!

  11. Congratulations ... You sound like me twenty odd years ago...don't work it out, I know I am ancient!! I am going to be a nana in a few days!! I have been making cloth nappies for my daughter. If you are interested in the pattern, hop on over to my blog for a look.. Love to see you, Rosie...