Monday, May 9, 2011

How to Get Your Husband to Help with Things Arround the Yard

Intriguing title eh??

I know I have the attention of all those ladies out there with the hubby's that when you ask them to help with something on your to-do list they always say they have some thing else to do and are busy, or they will help you later...

Later yeah right...

Well I am always trying to get Caleb to help me do things around the house and he always has an excuse...


"I'm planting corn." or

"I'm feeding the cows" or

"I'm trying to make a living for us and put food on the table."

Seriously what kind of "crap" excuses are those...

lol, I'm just kidding. I don't make a fuss when he tells me these things. I just wait patiently until the non-done project bothers him a lot or my nagging bothers him...

Which ever happen first!  ;)

Well I am the kind of woman who isn't afraid to do things herself so the things I can take on by myself, I do, or I start a project and then Caleb really can't stand the mess I made and helps finish it...

Ok so what did I do?!?!

Well last Thursday evening I was tilling up my garden so I could finish up the last of my planting.

Ya see my garden is broken up in to two different patches. I have the bigger patch where I planted my potatoes...

And then there is this patch that is a little smaller where I plant all my vine crops, cause they can kind of get out of control and take over. If you have ever grown pumpkins or watermelons you know what I mean.

Well as you can see this patch doesn't get near enough sunlight. Now this picture was taken in the even, but really from about 2 pm on there isn't near enough sun in this part and it just gets worse as the sun continues to go down. 

Well like I said I was tilling and while I was tilling this patch I started looking at the trees in the fence row and noticed that a good chunk of the ones I wanted gone were not very big and well I got an idea...

(If you have been following my blog long you may remember when I took on a hedge tree that I hated mowing around...)

Hey we have a chain saw in the garage and those trees aren't that big so...

I went and got the saw filled it with fuel and oil and went to town on some trees...

When I was just about done with all that I was going to cut down Caleb came home and well he wasn't too happy with me.

Not because he didn't want the trees to go, but well because for those that don't know I am 19 weeks pregnant.

Now before I get all these comments from people who think they must tell me how to live my life and how to carry my baby, my doctor like all the others doctors out there tell women to stay active and exercise while they are pregnant. There are women out there that will run miles while they are pregnant and that is more of a workout than cutting the few branches and small trees is.

So you know the trees and branches were no bigger than 4 inches in diameter and seeing as I have cut down some trees that were closer to 24 inches in diameter or larger before they were nothing. Also I had a job where for six months I spent at least 6 hours or better cutting trees down so I have had a few hours behind a saw.

With that being said me and the baby were in no danger and planting the rest of my garden wore me out more than the little bit of chain sawing.

Now like I said Caleb didn't like that I was out doing this just like a lot of you think I shouldn't have, but ya know what I got him to help do some more clearing of some bigger trees that I wasn't going to take on since I was pregnant.

This is what it looked like the next morning after Caleb and I did some cutting the night before. 

I trimmed up all these cedar trees that had these terribly low branches that were terrible to mow under...

and I do most of the mowing around here.

Caleb didn't like how my trimming show the nasty old fence, but...

First he wasn't the one trying to mow under the branches...

Second, nobody can see it from the road or even if they pull in front of our house and...

Third, I am hoping it will bother him enough that he will FINALLY take it OUT!

Here Caleb is cleaning up the stump of this mulberry tree that I have been wanting cut down for two years now. It was mostly dead and I couldn't mow under it.

And now I am happy to say it is finally gone!!

Now the worst part about this is when you are done cutting you still have to haul all the brush off...

But when there is two people working it makes things go a lot faster.

We ended up with I think 6 loads on the back of the truck a long with one large branch that we just drug out with a chain hooked to the truck.

And now it looks soo much better. My garden will be much happier and I can grow a lot more food for the little stinker, that is growing inside of me, to eat!

So how is it that you get your husband to help?

Well ya need to be about 5 months pregnant and go run the chainsaw some and you can get him to help with just about anything!!

Love ya,



  1. Hahaha, I loved this! My Hubby is much the same way, things around the house take forever to get done because he stays so busy with work. For instance, just today I discussed what kind of retractable clothesline I would get because I know it will take him for-ev-er to weld me a heavy duty one. Oh, he could weld one in a flash, but he is short on flash. ;)

    I push mowed our backyard until I was 8 months pregnant, so girl, you're not going to get any judging from me! We know our bodies and what we can and can't handle. Besides, it's good to stay active while pregnant. The more sedentary you are, the harder it is to push that baby out. ;) Lots of activity helps get baby in position! At least, that's what I always told myself... :)

  2. Well, we're up to our neck in planting season, so I could be in labor, and I don't think Lance would come help, haha. My father in law has started to feel sorry for me and has come to help me out in the yard a few times, lol.

  3. too funny! that's how it works here too...i start it, we finish it! i worked on a farrow/finish hog farm till a week before my son was born and it made labor lots easier. so if baby is safe keep active! and i can't wait to see your garden planted..

  4. LOL! I love it ...that sounds just like something I would do!
    No judgement here...I think it's great to work and do as much as you can, as long as you can...because eventually there comes a point where putting on shoes becomes the biggest task of the day!{grin}

    I just had surgery last Thursday and I'm wanting to get out and trim some trees, so this really made me laugh!

    BTW, your garden looks great!

  5. I think it looks great! (I'm sure the planting part was more exhausting than the cutting.) I keep telling The Big Guy that I'm inserting the word "later" in place of his middle name on his headstone when he passes. He knows I'll do it, too.

  6. You are the bomb-diggity! I get in trouble all the time for 'doing to much'. Yet, if I don't, then who will? Lol!

  7. I enjoyed your blog today, and do every post, but today I am glad you wrote about 'working while pregnant'. Seems these days, when girls get PG their life comes to a screeching halt! Like you said, if you have never before ran the marathon, DO NOT decide to do it after you are PG, but if you are already in shape, there is no reason physical work is bad. That baby is protected very much, and you stay fit! THANK YOU! By the way, I can't wait to see that little one! Oh, and I shoveled 3 ft of snow, in an 80 unit apt complex, when I was 8 months pregnant, and pushed cars out of the drive. That was on our FIRST baby. Never felt finer!

  8. Hahaha! Love it. I did something like that 20 years ago with my first born and now all I have to do is take the tools out to get things done here.

  9. This is an awesome post! You could have come and used our pickup bed with the hoist. It works awesome!!

    Taking those trees out really opens up the area. Looks great!

  10. Good job girl! Your mother taught you well!

  11. funny! That post could have come from me! I am notorious for starting big projects and then letting Jon finish them out for me. Must be a girl thing...

  12. Don't you worry about a thing...I have been getting forgiveness for getting in trouble from my husband for years. I moved an entire house of furniture when I was just a few months pregnant with twins. Just do what your body tells you. And enjoy you and your husbands adventure together...go read my blog sometime...
    Our first born came whilst living in wheat country...
    Good luck and keep writing.