Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It Won't Be Long

It won't be long till we are hot in heavy in the middle of hay makin', which means I will be busy taking pictures of hay...

Ok I will also have my butt stuck in the tractor seat too, but that's ok with me.

Actually Pop has already cut some early fescue and will be bailing it up today so we will be hauling it soon too....grrrr.

This is a picture from last year I thought might get you guys in the mood for hay season. I know I will need it cause well the whole hauling hay part I'm not looking forward to. ;)

I am finally able to sit down and work on the corn planting post and will hopefully have it up before we get to haying...




  1. Nice to meet another JP... just don't try to take the love of cotton as your own too! Love the photos & spirit of your blog!

  2. There is a shortage of hay around here from the lack of rain. Looks like you will be busy! It's so nice to know young farmers. Seems like there might be a shortage of those soon.

  3. Looking forward to the upcoming hay photos. I'm from CA and it has been raining - steadily for the last two days! Looking forward to seeing your sunny pics:)

  4. The blue sky & the green grass make a beautiful picture. Good Luck hauling hay.