Saturday, October 27, 2012

I'm Not Sure Life Ever Slows Down

Caleb and I are both ready for this droughthy conditions to go away...

Not only because it will mean, greener pastures, better crops and more water in the ponds....

But because we could have a lazy rainy day.  Since it has been so dry the past couple of years things haven't really slowed down....

Now part could be due to our son arriving in that time period, but a lot of it I blame on the dry weather.  When it's dry and sunny out you can do all those projects you have set aside for a dry and sunny day.

I really have no idea what all that had to do with the pictures I was planning to put in this post, (I started this the other day and didn't finish it...oops) I guess I just thought you all should know that. :)

Oh here I will tie it in....
Since it's been dry and sunny wheat has been doing good the past few years, and we have been busy sowing it for pretty much thepast month solid!

To start the day off we will fill the drill full of wheat, so Caleb can go as long as possible without stopping.

While Caleb was filling the drill Chester knew he couldn't just sit and watch, so he thought it would be a good idea to go over the presser wheels at the back of the drill and make sure they were working correctly.

And he found out that they were all spinning correctly.

He then proceeded to tell Caleb what he found out.

Since Chester had going over the drill under control, Caleb went back to filling the drill with wheat.

Chester was a very busy boy this morning, cause he also made sure Caleb had the drill set correctly....

And  got in and drove the truck when Caleb needed the seed tender moved while filling the drill.

Needless to say Chester was very proud of all the work he did.

When I started this post we hadn't started combining beans just yet, but since then we have cut 200-300 acres...

That's just a bit of what we have, so we are just getting started. And we had a nasty breakdown last night with Pop's combine...

And by nasty I mean there is hydrolic oil sprayed all over it and they don't know where the busted hose is....

and it's broke down in the field...

and it's cold outside.

But it wasn't cold out side the day I took these pics, as you can see from my child's attire. ;)


If you are wondering about all the green stuff between the rows of beans, that is just volunteer wheat. If  the bean fields are next to any of our cattle pastures, then we will turn them out on the fields and let them mow it off till we are ready to work under the fields.

Also if we have cattle next to the wheat fields we sowed then we will turn them out on there for awhile. On the fields we were planning on doing this, we sowed the wheat about two weeks earlier than we sowed the wheat that wouldn't become cattle pasture. 

We turned these cattle out on the wheat pasture a little over a week ago and Chester and I thought we would see how they were liking it. They were fat as toads, but that didn't stop Pokey from begging for feed.

Well, I got to get ready and go do some errands for the farmers, so I will catch you later.


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  1. Great post, but there is just one thing wrong...Can you guess what it is? I'll send that cute little boy some pretty crimson & blue gear! :)

    My favorite picture is the one of Caleb coming around the drills and seeing Chester. Love that huge smile!!!