Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WWIII - Battle of Frog Pond

Early this morning we got up and Caleb headed out to get the tractors ready to start planting wheat again. After getting Chester up and dressed we went out to tell Caleb something and I found a pitiful looking group of dogs.



I have no idea what happened, but my from the looks of them I am guessing they took on a big ol' battle down by the pond, cause they are a disastrous mess! Jasper was beat up and pouting so my guess was it was a raccoon, cause if skunks, possums, armadillos, and turtles don't fight back like coons do.

Hank was a little beat-up too, which kind of surprised me cause I didn't think he ever helped much, but I guess I was wrong.

And as for Kit, she was just fine. She has been running around like a crazy dog and chasing birds, just like nothing happened.

Did they kill the raccoon?? I don't know. I haven't been down to the pond to check. All I will say is it was an epic battle. 


  1. We've been having to keep Wiggley tied at the garage cause he found a girlfriend down the road. Lance's dad got him and took him for a walk yesterday, and his dog, Bo, chased a skunk in a culvert pipe, then rubbed it on Wiggley! Second time in 2 weeks he's been skunked! Then, last night, we were outside, and walked up to the garage and Wiggley was standing over a pile of something. We flipped on the light, and it looked like he had thrown up a rope! Turned out, he had been eating a rug! OMG! Dogs! haha.

  2. Oh funny! haha, your dogs look so guilty or Jasper does anyway. cute. I keep thinking Lucy needs a Ricky :), but hm, two border collies will surely get into more trouble than Lucy manages on her own. LOL.

  3. Mercy! Dogs sure keep things interesting...

  4. Entertaining dogs and nice photos to illustrate.