Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Friday - Things never happen the way you had planned!

So when I got up on Friday I had so many plans of things that I was going to do and get done. I was goanna go over to Grandma and Pop's house and get some jars so I could finish some canning. I was goanna get the bike off the wall of the shop and see what needed to be done before it was road ready. I was gonna go fish for the big ol' catfish I saw in the creek....who is probably now gone cause we got so much rain the past few days....But I am very thankful for the rain we really needed it and it was an answer to our prayers.....I just wish I would have been able to get over there sooner to fish for that fish! I was also planning on getting the mower so I could start mowing the yard.....but alas I got none of this done. Cause as an farmer (especially one with livestock) would say whenever you have plans to do something, there is always something that happens that puts a kink in your plans......cattle get out, tractor breaks down, cow is having trouble calving, you find a sick calf......this is the problem we ran into on Friday!!

It starts when we go out to do a couple of small little chores before we leave. I remind Caleb that we have that dead cow still out in the barn and that we need to drag her off before she gets to stinkin' worse than she already does.....after a day in the wonderful August heat. You know it's gonna be fun when you have to rig a up a broken chain and a come-a-long type thing together so you will have some way to hook onto her. Then halfway out to were we were gonna take her.....as we are going through a gate the hook that is hooked to the bumper breaks....of course this couldn't be easy. In the middle of this Caleb is talking to one of our landlords trying to figure out USDA papers that needed to be at the office today. So I get out and head back to the stinky cow and I do what any good farmer would do....I find some wire and just wire the chain to the bumper. I also changed which leg we had the chain on....well actually I had Caleb do it....I didn't want to touch stinky!!!

So finally we get her dropped off where we wanted. As we were driving back Caleb thinks he see's one of the calves we had weaned earlier this summer….well it turns out it was just a cow, but as we go over there to look we find a two or three week old calf that has some how gotten sick and is in need of a shot. So we head back to the house and grab a rope and get Caleb's horse...the 4-wheeler...and head out for a little rodeo action. Well like I said things never work the way they are suppose to.....first things first Caleb is a farmer not a rancher so the whole roping a calf thing...well it doesn't really work so well. After wastin' a good amount of time we decide it would be better to get the cattle up into the pen. That's no easy task either. First we must get the calves we weaned in the spring into the lot and lock them up...then we finally get some feed and call the cattle with the truck. But of course all the ones we wanted to catch didn't come so Caleb takes off on the 4-wheeler and I guard the gate. After chasin' them all over we finally get them in and get all the calves sorted off and give them their vaccine's only after we ran to town to get the med's and a few other things we needed.

After that we had a little time to rest before leaving to go the rodeo down in Coffeeville. It was really nice to go out for the evening and relax. I got to eat a funnel cake, drink a Mt. Dew and watch a good Rodeo...what could be better.

When the day finally ended and we got home I was never more ready to go to bed!!

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