Friday, August 21, 2009

Aidan comes to visit!!

Wow, after a crazy busy weekend, we had a realtive slower week. Caleb's nephew Aidan came down and spent the week with grandma and grandpa. He had a great time time "helping" Caleb and Grandpa work on the combine and semi. Last night we went over to Independence to the park and zoo. First things first, Aidan, Caleb, Karen (Caleb's mom), and I went on the Carosel and it only cost 20 cents for all of us to ride.
After we got off Aidan helped Karen make it back to Calvin's arm.

After that it was playtime on all the awsome playground!

After playin' on all the fun slides Aidan and Uncle Caleb played on the old fire engine.....

...and then on the old steam engine.

After that we headed to the zoo and looked at all the little critters. There weren't alot of animals in the zoo but it was still a lot of fun!

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