Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Start

Welcome to my life as a farmers wife. Some days are calm and some days are crazy yet I love them all. Right now things are slower, but soon we will be in the middle of corn harvest and we will be busy for the rest of the fall.

I have been working a lot in my garden....doing up corn, canning green beans, and soon canning tomatoes. Caleb mowed hay yesterday and today and is hoping that it will be dry enough to bale this afternoon.

We are praying that it will rain soon.....the corn would make a lot more and the beans need it to be worth a hoot!! To be a farmer it takes a lot of faith and trust that God will take care of you and supplie all your needs cause once you put the seed in the ground it's not up to you anymore but up to God. When that is where all your income comes from it takes a lot of trust and faith to make through each day.

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