Thursday, August 27, 2009

Workin' on the yard

Caleb and I got married last fall and since then we have been working on remodeling a house that was on the farm we had just purchased. It was a huge undertaking...much more than we had planned. The inside is mostly done, we just have a couple things left to do inside and when it is finished I will add them. All last week, in between doing the farm chores Caleb decided to work on leveling off the front yard.
Here is what the yard looked like before we got started. There was a mound that was pretty much strait in front of the door. The yard sloped back towards the all the water after a big rain would gather under the house. This is part of the reason why we had to replace all the floor boards.

Hey look there's a sidewalk....

We had a little bit of a clue that the side walk was there, but I wasn't sure how good of condition it would be in, but it turned out to be in relatively good condition. When the house was built onto in the 50's the owners brought in dirt and piled it onto the front yard....we think it was suppose to drain water away from the house, but it really didn't work......all it really did was give termites an easy way into the house and cover up the sidewalk. There was probably 2 inches of soil on top of the side walk.

Here is what my yard looks like after it was finished.

All summer long there was a big pile of soil that had been scraped off the yard back in the spring and sat there all summer long. While hauling off the soil that he had just scraped off the yard Caleb also got rid of the large pile of soil.....and boy was I happy!!


  1. Looks good! Lance has been working on our yard too. Where our house is being built, it used to have probably a million trees on it, so its so unlevel, with roots everywhere since we had it cleaned off. I can't wait to actually have grass instead of weeds and roots, and actual landscaping!

  2. I completly understand that....I am ready for all the work to be done so I can start figuring out what I want to do for landscaping around the house