Monday, September 21, 2009

It has started!!!!

So last Friday it may ask what 'it' is.....well I'm talking about corn harvest! We have been waiting to start harvest for about a month now. Corn planting was really late last spring and we have had a really cool summer, with a lot of rain here lately, when you add all that together it equals a very late start to harvest!!!

The corn in this field was doing really's Pop going by with a hopper full

The semi is headin' back as the combine is dumping into the grain cart. We had just started in this field. So we still had a ways to go

Here the grain cart, that we purchased on out last trip up to NE Missouri, hard at work. It takes some getting use to for everyone when you start dumping on the go!

We were really excited about our new grain is big and awesome!!!

When the grain cart is dumping if possible, someone needs to be up on the truck watchin' cause the tractor driver can't see how full the truck is getting very easily.

Here's Caleb with another new toy of ours. I haven't got to drive it yet, but it is awesome!! It makes the trips into the elevator a lot quicker and more worth while.

Here's the crew minus one...well actually minus two...Pop is finishing up the last little bit out in the field and I am taking the picture. That's my truck that's behind the guys. I love driving it, cause it's a piece of cake!! The only thing I don't like about it is that it has a small door in the back and it takes forever to unload!

The semi unloads a lot takes about the same amount of time to unload 900+ bushels from the semi as it does to unload 600 bushels from my truck.

Here's the current pile of corn in the open storage building at the elevator.

We have harvested some corn, but it's just scratching the surface of what we need to we have to wait for all the rain from today to dry back up so we can get back at it! and as soon as we get rolling we won't stop!!


  1. We only have 36 measley acres of corn this year. A lot of our corn and some of our cotton acres went into soybeans this year because of all the rain we got in the spring. We planted our corn the first time on April 30th, but of course it came a flood and washed a lot of it away, so we had to wait until May 30th to replant. Some of the corn made it from the first planting, so we have some corn that is ready, and some corn that isn't ready, it really looks strange. It's a good thing our corn isn't ready yet because, just like the spring, we're getting a ridiculous amount of rain lately! Our cotton isn't drying and opening it up like its supposed to either.

  2. our first round was planted around March 20th and the rest wasn't planted till may, but by now it is all ready to go we just need some dry weather so we can get back out there. Our beans look awesome, but if it doesn't warm up and dry up then I'm afraid that the frost is gonna get them. We've been continuslly wet here lately, but I don't think we have gotten near the amount of rain that you guys have....hopefully it dries out down there for you guys too!!!

  3. We lost 2 circles of soybeans to hail over Labor Day weekend which leaves 3 circles of corn. We just started drilling wheat. Only 400 more acres to go.