Friday, January 29, 2010

Creamy Potato Soup

Growing up, one of the best things about cold weather was it was time to make soup. In my family we really only had three types of soup, Chili, vegetable, and potato, and my favorite was always my mom's potato. So since the cold weather has more than set in, I have been itchin' to make some good ol' potato soup, but there is one problem. Ya see I am married to a farmer who is out working hard all day long, and when he comes in to eat he wants something that is gonna stick to his ribs, and well my momma's potato soup is not that kind of meal. Ya see it's kinda runny, and I am needin' something that can hold it's own. So I had to think back to my college day's when I use to cook with my roomie Amber. We use to make this oh soo good potato soup from her mom's recipe. All I could really remember is that I we would all so add onion, carrot's and sour cream. So I went from there and did my own thing with it and as promised here is the recipe for my Creamy Potato Soup.
Start by peeling 4-5 potatoes.
Next chop them into 1/2 in cubes.
Peel 1-2 carrots and chop carrots into small pieces.
Chop one small onion.

Now mix all three together in a pot and cover with water.
Then boil until potatoes are soft.

Drain water and place pot of vegetables back on the burner on medium heat.

Next add 1/4 stick butter and probably 1-2 cups of milk.

Now comes the part that took me a while to figure out. How do I get the sour cream into the soup and it not look lumpy? I wanted that smooth creamy texture, like you get when you get the country potato soup from McAllister’s Deli. Then it hit me....
...on the head as it fell out of the Tupperware gravy shaker. So I rubbed the knot on my head and then filled it up and started shakin' it! So in the gravy shaker put about 1/2 cup flour, 1/2 cup sour cream, and then fill the rest with milk. Then shake it all a little dance if ya want, cause you can and it will taste better then! ;)

If you don't have a gravy shaker then use whatever lidded container you have and mix it all up.

After you have it all mixed together add this to your pot. Then fill with milk till all the potatoes are covered, and cook till thick and creamy. Also add plenty of salt, and some pepper cause without it, the soup will be very bland!
 Once you have it to the consistancy you want to be then put it in your favorite bowl...

Throw a little cheese and bacon bits....the real ones cause they are so much better, and you're worth it...and enjoy with your a big glass of sweet tea, or whatever wets you whistle!

(Also, I like to make some cornbread muffins to eat with eat my yummy soup.)


  1. I have never used sour cream in my soup, but sounds good. I like to cook the potatoes & onions, until the water almost cooks out, you have to watch it so it don't scortch. I don't drain the liquid because it will be real thick from the potaoes. I add some canned peas, carrots and Velveeta cheese. I also melt about a half stick of butter in it. Enjoyed the pictures with your recipe. Donna

  2. Nana from home.....January 30, 2010 at 1:07 AM

    I don't drain my potatoes after they are cooked down, there is a lot of flavor in that water. Instead of the sour cream, I like to thicken mine up with instant potato flakes. Then it is thick and creamy with chunks of potato, too. Sometimes I add cheese, sometimes I don't!

  3. Oh goodness, that made me hungry for potato soup! It`s always been one of my favorites!

  4. Yey a way to use up some of the 5lbs of potatoes I accidentally cut up the other day :) Perfect timing!!

  5. Looks good. I cook a package of bacon and then crumble it up to mix in too. Yummy!!! Or if I don't want the house to smell like fried bacon I use the cubed ham you can buy at the store. Very easy.

  6. YUMMY! I LOVE potato soup, so I will definitely be trying this!


  7. This sounds great, was looking for any easy recipe cause of computer crash I lost most of mine! Like others have mentioned, I add potato flakes and use half/half or evap milk for super creamy! Now I'm going to have to try some sour cream!