Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Babies are Coming

It's that time of year when our heifers start poppin' out little one's and....

My girl Pokey was the one who started out the year with a cute little bull.

Meet Patches...

I really don't like his name, but it's all I could come up with so far, so Patches it is.

Even though I sure we would be able to figure out this little guy is we still like to stick a tag in his ear just for good measure.

The good thing about workin' with heifers is that they usually aren't to crazy actin' when you go to messin' with their baby.

Mr. Patches wasn't to excited about his new piece of jewelry.

So far we have 2 heifers have had babies, so we have 13 more to go!

Along with heifers calvin', we are also gettin' ready to get rollin' in the corn field as well as I have been tryin' to get my garden in shape so I can get my peas and potatoes and everything else planted!



  1. Hi Patches! Can you come work in my garden too? I have to get out there, but motivation is on empty this week. I did get cedar and pine trees ordered to replace the ones that didn't make it through the winter (or through the mower, oops) Hopefully it'll be nice this weekend!

  2. Welcome Patches! We have 10 calves on the ground right now. Thinkin' we may have about 4 more by the end of the week, fingers crossed!

    I asked the husband if I could have a garden. He told me I already had enough on my plate. So maybe next year!

  3. Hi there Patches! It is a busy time isn`t it? I`m still waiting for goat kids to start coming....any day now.

  4. Patches is a cutie! We never name our babies, or the mommas. :) We just call them by their number (tag#). I came pretty close to naming the little guy I pulled last night though.

    I wish our heifers weren't crazy acting. Our cows are great about letting us tag the calves, but these heifers are a bit on the crazy side.

    Loving your photos! Can't wait to see your garden come to life. We are in the process of planting ours as well!