Thursday, March 3, 2011

3-2-2011 Sale Day in Review

On Tuesday, March the 1st Caleb tells me he has decided to go ahead and sell all our calves that we weaned last fall. We go ahead and sort off all the heifers we are planning on keeping for replacement and get things all ready for the next morning because we will be loading out our first group at 6:30 in the morning.

We get things ironed out and ready for the next morning and crawl into be at about 8:30. I did some reading so we really didn't go to sleep till about 9:00. The rest of this post is the chain of events depicting what we went through on sale day.

4:00 am - Woken up by Dogs Barking

4:10 - Hank (the only dog off the chain this night) decides we must not heard him and that he needs to sit right out side our bedroom window and bark.

4:20 - Caleb bangs on the doesn't really help.

4:30 - Hanks still barking. I get up and go out side and give him a "talking to!"

4:32 - Caleb asleep. Me, I'm wide awake.

5:00 - Still Wide awake, evidently one symptom of pregnancy is sleeplessness....usually doesn't bother me too much.

5:05 - First alarm goes off.

5:07 - I decide to get up and get dressed, because I'm already awake and the alarm is just gonna go off in 8 minutes anyway.

5:18 - I holler in an tell Caleb he had better be getting up. His alarm was suppose to go off at 5:15 but I never heard it.

5:19 - Caleb looks at his phone and determines that he set the alarm for 5:15 pm instead of am....oops.

5:25 - I'm Eating breakfast, making coffee and getting snacks ready for the day.

5:30 - Caleb and I Praying over the day

5:35 - Out the door and headin' up to Pop's house to feed the calves before the go to the sale barn. It's still soo dark out and I think it's truly wrong that I am out of bed right now.

5:45 - arrive at Pop's house. 

5:47 - Spill my entire cup of coffee after only having a small sip....seriously that's just mean!

5:50 - Feeding first two groups of calves

6:10 - The guy who was gonna haul some of our calves arrives.

6:30 - Truck leaves with the first load of calves.

6:50 - Head up to lead Pop's calves back over to where the good corrals are at so we can do some sorting.

6:52 - Sun is finally coming up!

7:00 - all but about a dozen calves are following the feed truck. So I get out, grab a stick and and start walking behind them pushing them along for about a 1/4 of a mile...usually walking 1/4 mile is no big deal, but when it's muddy and you have 10 lbs of mud on your boots it kinda stinks!

7:20 - All the calves are finally where they are suppose to be.

7:22 - I take a big ol' drink of water.

7:28 - Truck is back and ready for it's next load.

7:38 - Truck loaded and headed back to town

7:45 - Load one of our trucks with the last of mine and Caleb's calves.

7:50 - Sorting the heifers from the steers in Pop's calves.

8:20 - Truck is back and ready for it's third load.

8:27 - Truck is loaded and on it's way again.

8:38 - All the heifer's Pop is going to keep for replacements are sorted off.

8:40 - Caleb and I head to town with our load of calves.

8:53 - Our load is dropped off and we are on the way back to the farm

9:05 - All the rest of the calves are loaded on two truck and on their way to town

9:13 - Arrive at our house to load a cow we had been wanting to sell

9:16 - Get another cup of coffee from the house...ti doesn't really help much cause I'm still tired!

9:40 - Cow is dropped off at the sale barn and we are on our way back to Pop's house.

10:05 - Back at Pop's and loading up his sorted off heifers to take them to their new pasture.

10:20 - Heifers dropped off and trailer un-hooked.

10:25 -  Washing my boots off for the 3rd or 4th time.

10:30 - Caleb leaves to feed the rest of our cattle and I head home to eat...cause when you have been awake since 4 10:30 is dinner time!

10:32 - I notice the heifers who were needing to be moved across the road were waiting by the gate.

10:33 - Call Caleb and tell him about the heifers.

10:36 - Caleb arrives with feed

10:50 - All but one of the heifers crosses the road.

11:00 - The last heifers finally crosses the road.

11:01 - Shut the gates and Caleb once again heads to feed cattle and I head towards home again to eat!

11:11 - Arrive home

11:12 - Run into and break the bug shield on our good truck....grrr

11:12 and 10 sec - say a word which I will not repeat on here.

11:13 - Go inside to get always makes things better.

11:16 - Re-heating leftovers for dinner.

11:19 - Praying for food and that Caleb has no problems while doing the chores...then gobbling my food down.

11:25 - Sitting down with my feet up, watchin' Rachel Ray while writing the first half of this down so I don't forget.

11:50 - Drooling over the hamburger that Rachel Ray just made!

12:18 - Caleb arrives home from feeding cattle.

12:19 - Told Caleb about the bug shield...and he didn't get mad...oh how wonderful! (but to be honest, Caleb doesn't get mad very often or very easily.)

12:24 - Caleb re-heating his dinner

12:25 - Me getting more food cause I am still hungry.

12:38 - lay down in the chair to take a short nap.

1:00 - Wake up

1:10 - Still in Chair

1:11 - Finally get up and get ready to head to the sale barn to watch our calves sell.

1:22 - Leave for the sale barn

1:45 - Arrive at the sale barn

4:00 - Watch our calves sell. They may not have been the top of the sale, but the were still the best ones we have ever sold before!

4:45 - Grab the check and leave the sale barn

5:00 - Walk into my favorite Mexican joint in town to eat supper...we never eat this early, but baby and I were hungry and I was gonna be too worn out to cook, so Mexican it is!

5:45 - Head home!

6:00 - Home and laying on the couch where I will stay till it's time to go to bed!

8:10 - Turn TV off and take a shower, cause I smell like a cow and I don't like smelling like a cow.

8:30 - We crawl into bed.

8:40 - Get up to go and tie up those crazy barking dogs

8:43 - back in bed

8:45 - I'm passed out

9:00 - Caleb gets up to yell at dogs

9:10 - Both of us are passed out and stay that way till morning!

Just re-writing all this has wore me out! It was a long day, but that's just part of it when you live on a farm!!

Lots of Love,



  1. You're posting what my life was like almost 30 years ago! Love reading your blog. dog is still barking and the heifers in the neighbor's field are wondering why my pen of 6 bulls aren't coming to visit!

    Farm life is always interesting!

  2. I should totally write a post like this when we are selling chickens, lol.

  3. Sounds like an eventful day!!! :)

  4. Haha, love how the days starts and ends with yelling at the dogs. I've had days like that, too. I love going to the sale barn! It's a long day, but it's so rewarding to cash in on your hard work.

  5. I would have to say that is a full and eventful day. I so miss going to the sale. I might have to go sometime.

  6. What a cool timeline of your day. Love it!