Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day....Yep, that pretty much describes the past two days around here. We messed with cattle both days and well nothing seemed to go right for us! Usually I would go into a big long crazy story about what happened but it was bad enough, crazy enough that I really don't want to relive the day again by writing about it.

I kept having to remind myself of the positives all day yesterday, cause if I didn't the day would have been worse...

No one got hurt, we didn't get any rain (which means we should be able to get back in the field a lot sooner), some of my herbs were starting to green up...

Since I'm not gonna go into what happened over the past couple of days, I thought I would tell you what we were up to last week. It was a crazy busy week which makes it hard to write....

First things I was able to get some of my garden planted. Well at least all the cooler season crops. Some of my potatoes went into the ground...

As well as onions...

Lots, and lots of onions. I also was able to plant some peas, lettuce and other greens, as well as broccoli and garlic.

Lucky for me my garden was ready just before the fields were ready so I was able to get all my planting done before I had to help in the field.

Field work right now consists of putting anhydrous ammonium on all our corn ground.

For those who don't know anhydrous is use as a Nitrogen or fertilizer source for crops.  The only crop we use it on around here is corn.

Since it's been kinda wet around here towards the end of winter, we are running tight on time before we will be needing to plant corn and there were chances of rain at the end of the week so we were tryin' to get as much done as possible so this meant early mornings.

When I wasn't helping Caleb's dad haul anhydrous tanks to the field I was out checking a feeding all the cattle.

(On another positive note we are hopefully done with feeding hay since we had all the beautiful weather over the past week the grass is growing good!)

Then the rain came and we were done with the field work for a while. This system was a crazy spotty one. We ended up with only .65 inch while a neighbor who was less than 10 miles from us got about 4 inches. We were oh soo glad we didn't get that much!

So that's what we were up to last week and probably what we will be up to here at the end of this week. Though I probably wont plant anything else in my garden till next week, but we will just have to see what the weather does.




  1. So sorry you had a rough day, but very thankful nobody got hurt. How wonderful you got some garden in. I'm ready, but it's still a bit too wet here right now.

    Here's hoping you have a good day today!

  2. Great pictures, girl! Man, we need rain so bad here! All of our farmers and ranchers are belly aching about crops and having to continue haying their animals.
    Sorry you had a rough past couple days! Hopefully the rest of the week goes better. :)

  3. Oh man I hate days like that. Hope today is better!!

    I'm still a few weeks out before I can plant anything in the garden. Do you have good luck with planting potatoes? I've never tried it, but I've been wanting to this summer.

  4. Sorry for the rough days! That's not any good. :)
    I'm jealous of your garden.. we can't grow things like that. :( If you can, send the rain our way! We're drying up and blowing away.

  5. Just had to say, your blog is the biggest hit with my 2yo. He sees the tractor pictures and just lights up like a little firecracker. It's so cute! We have to slowly scroll through each picture, and when it comes time to leave, he cries. ha!

  6. It's been wet around here and Lance is finally getting to bush hog the last few fields of corn stalks, and we're also having to spread lime on some of our fields. I hope they can get most of it done before this weekend because I think it's supposed to rain up to 2 inches! That's not good news considering the field work or the fact that we were getting ready to finally pour the sidewalk on our house! I have some onions, english peas, and cabbage planted in our garden. I guess it's been there almost a month and I haven't killed it yet! yay!

  7. Hope things are looking up now.

  8. Well I hope your days are gettin' brighter. I can SO relate to having bads days workin' cattle.

  9. Sorry to hear about the bad days, praying for better days.